The nominations are in! Cast your final vote for Most Epic Heroine of the Silmaril Awards 2021!

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Who will win Most Epic Heroin? And what about the other award categories, such as Strangest Counselor and Majestic Ruler? The top 5 nominees for each of the Silmaril Awards have been gathered and now await your final decision!

Here is the link to the voting form:

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Cast your vote to decide who will be the victorious winners of 2021!

The top 5 nominees for the grand award of Most Epic Herione (award to be held here on the blog) are:

Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle
Leeli from The Wingfeather Saga
Pet from the City Between series
Cordelia Beaumont from the Afterverse series
Cress from The Lunar Chronicles

Go forth and VOTE!

And visit the other Awards hosts:

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14 thoughts on “The nominations are in! Cast your final vote for Most Epic Heroine of the Silmaril Awards 2021!

  1. Sophie, Cordelia, AND Cress??? Those are like my 3 favorite heroines ever! I’M SO PROUD OF THEM. But also…how shall I CHOOSE? *sobs*


  2. Ahhhhh, I love every single character on this list! Sophie! Cress! Leeli! PET! CORDELIA!

    I’m pretty sure I know who I’m voting for, but I love all these heroines so much!


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