Vampire Flying Frog, Yes It’s Real


Yep, you read that right! In the spirit of October and all things spooky, I can’t resist sharing this find. 🙂 I first mentioned vampire frogs in one of my haikus, and later they appeared in Madnes Solver (although those particular ones are very creepy and unworldly, haha). But I will now give you the truth about the vampire flying frog:

Found only in the forests of southern Vietnam, the vampire flying frog lives much like any other flying frog does, but as a tadpole it’s quite a different story. The tadpoles have fangs–Yes, that’s right, that’s where they get the “vampire” name.

Born with fangs, they eat other eggs until they grow out of the larval stage. The fangs then dissappear and they look much like any other brown frog does.

Read more about this interesting little critter on’s article. 🙂 The photo credits go to them.

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12 thoughts on “Vampire Flying Frog, Yes It’s Real

  1. Bizarre! They’re the sharks of the amphibian world, except they grow out of it, and sharks just keep gnashing on any old thing they feel like, haha. Thanks for sharing!

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