Cosmic Hunter: Tropical Killer Cake

My entry for this week’s #BlogBattle challenge by wonderful Rachael Ritchey, where the challenge is to write a short story based on that week’s chosen word. Visit the link to read more about it! Anyone can participate, and it’s a great way to hone one’s writing skills! This week’s word is: “Cosmic.” Enjoy!


The camera focuses before the reporter.

“News Update! Earlier, we reported that the monstrosity, now come to be known as the Tropical Killer Cake, is on the loose. Currently, it is prowling Brazilian villages and their surrounding jungles. There has been no stopping this cosmic disaster–All previous attempts have failed.

An experiment gone wrong in the Baking Industry, the monster of cosmic proportions has been wild and running rampant throughout the land since its escape last Sunday. Seventy villages have been evacuated as of yesterday. The Tropical Killer Cake is a man-eating, mindless beast of baked batter that swallows all who get in the way! Five villages have already been demolished by its might, swallowed up in its endless appetite. The only way it can be stopped? “Eat it, before it eats you.” But so far, none have been successful.

Tropical Killer Cake is said to be the most delicious cake ever to have been created by humankind, a taste of delicious, cosmic proportions. But will there ever live a human that has tasted of its icing and lived to tell the tale?

Despair not, citizens! We just heard today that we have one last hope: the renown Cosmic Hunter, who has battled many a cosmic-sized monster in his day, is taking up the challenge! But will this man-eating experiment be too much to handle with a fork, even for him? There’s only one way to find out.

We now take you live on the hunt, as we follow Cosmic Hunter in this cosmic, monstrous quest to save humanity….

A large, brown leather boot crushes a thorn-dotted plant beneath its sole. Step after step, vegetation is crushed underfoot. The camera zooms back revealing the owner, an average-size man. But there was nothing “average” about this armed person with a dangerous glint in his cool eyes. Camouflage pants tucked into high boots secured with buckles and straps. A shirt half-unbuttoned beneath a green mottled coat lined with pockets and blades. A brown, wide-brim sun hat coming down over brown curly locks, shadowing a stubble face and rugged jaw line. The Cosmic Hunter.

“Cosmic Hunter. Do you believe you will succeed? Is this a task even you might fail?” asks the camera.

“Fail?” He pulls down the hat brim. “Fail or succeed, can’t know unless we try. That’s the way of the hunter’s life.” His cool voice speaks, while the brim casts his eyes into shadow. “Simple as that. We ain’t got time t’ be thinking on useless questions, reporter. Now, be quiet like as I get this done.”

“As cool and spectacular as ever. You heard him, folks!”

Cosmic Hunter bends to the ferns, picking up signs and scents, following a set of unusual tracks through the dense jungle he believes belongs to the mutated cake. In one hand he carries a five-foot long fork, with tongs the size of spear heads, ready for combat at any moment. He eyes a trail of left over crumbs across the jungle floor.

Somewhere nearby, a large branch creaks.

Cosmic Hunter looks up, alert eyes scan the trees and jungle vines. He holds up a hand, signaling for the camera man to be still and not move a muscle. The camera scans green foliage, swaying ferns, but nothing is seen, and nothing but a bird’s echoing call is heard…

It strikes!

A flash of movement. It comes upon Cosmic Hunter, lunging out of the treetops: the monstrous Tropical Killer Cake!

It lands with an enormous thud! and charges at them like a raging bull. The camera dives aside. Cosmic Hunter leads it away. Dashing around thick tree trunks, he uses them to slow the cosmic monster’s speed as it veers sharply after him. Taking one long leap, it flies through the air toward him, snapping foliage aside. Cosmic Hunter somersaults across the ground just in time, cake batter teeth nicking his coat.

Still holding the giant fork in hand, he puts some distance between them before turning and facing the Killer Cake. “I won’t let the likes of you hunt down people for breakfast, anymore! Y’hear? Your reign of terror is at its end. I will devour you, Tropical Killer Cake!”

Two slabs of white cake for a mouth, it charges and opens wide to swallow him up in one, whole bite.

Cosmic Hunter lunges the fork forward to meet it. Just before they clash, the fork jabs into the ground, and it’s used to somersault himself up high into the air. While rotating midair, the fork pulls free; and as he descends, the fork stabs down into Tropical Killer Cake’s cake batter back!

Landing both feet on its back, Cosmic Hunter quick yanks out the fork from the fluffy white, and eats a sample of cake. A taste of cosmic proportions hits him like a wave—a taste out of this world. Having been sampled, the Tropical Killer Cake loses its power and becomes a regular food: a ginormous cake of cosmic proportions. Humanity will survive once again thanks to the brave actions of Cosmic Hunter! The villagers, and many across the region, now have a delicious dessert to live on.

“News Update! It has been discovered that before the TKC was defeated, it had “buns” in the “oven”: small Tropical Killer Cakes, and they are running loose across the continent! Can they be stopped? Can every single one be caught before it grows into its full, cosmic size? Find out next week as we follow Cosmic Hunter on this new mission to save planet Earth!”

A boy’s eyelids popped open and he woke up. He stared at the ceiling above him, then sat up from a fluffy mattress. The moonlight shone bright as it slanted in through the window. “A dream?” he blinked, wondering where his cool hat and giant fork had disappeared to. “I should never eat cake before going to bed….”

It was all a dream! Lol, he’s so confused. Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed it, please join the mailing list Fellowship of the Book (a monthly newsletter), and “follow” the blog for more posts and stories to come! Also find E.Rawls on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, andTwitter. 🙂

© copyright 2015 -All rights reserved by E. Rawls

61 thoughts on “Cosmic Hunter: Tropical Killer Cake

  1. LOL!!!! This was so much fun to read, Elisabeth! And hmmmm, I wonder where you got that idea from. 😉

    My only question… what’s in this cake? Pineapple? Mango? Pina colada frosting? I’d love to know what kind of tropical goodness makes it so deadly. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hehehehe! I knew you’d like it! I was waiting for you to read it! ;D Yes, TKC is now a thing! And it’s all thanks to you who made me guess what your TKC acronym book title stood for. 😉 (I still think Tropical Killer Cake could fit as your book’s title? Maybe maybe? Of course then you’d have to change the story’s theme and plot, lol).
      I totally forgot to describe the flavors! Hmm, let’s see…I’m thinking “mango” and with hints of various similar fruits, and the rare orangous mangnificus fruit that does not exist on Earth yet for that added “zing” that makes it irresistable! Plus layers of thick cream in between the cake layers, ohhh yeah~ yum yum! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

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