The Silmaril Awards 2021 are now open! Nominate your favorite characters today!

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The Silmaril Awards are all about celebrating fantasy fiction. While most awards go to authors or books, these awards go to the characters themselves!

This annual award ceremony presents awards to fantasy characters from novels–characters who are nominated by YOU. That’s right, it’s your vote that decides the win!

These awards will be presented by characters from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, who embody the ultimate standard of each award in the fantasy genre. Awards such as: Most Epic Hero, Least Competent Henchman, Most Wisest Counselor…just to name a few!

The Silmaril Awards were created by DJ Edwardson and Jenelle Schmidt as a way to honor J.R.R. Tolkien as the Father of Modern Fantasy, open up a discussion about some of our other favorite fantasy works, and to have a ton of fun! You could call it their version of the Oscars for fantasy. 😉

Let The Voting Begin!

Nominations are now open: September 6-10th.

I’ll be hosting the Most Epic Heroine award here on the blog! So vote below in the comments of this post for your favorite heroine to win!

This award is for the brave of heart, the women who will put their lives on the line for those they love–and even for the entire world, if necessary. They stay true to what is right, and will never back down. They are the heroines of fiction who we look up to!

This award will be presented by Eowyn to the winning character!

Now, go forth to the comments section below this post and write in the comments who you want to nominate for this Silmaril award. You may also second or third someone else’s nomination.

The rules for voting and other info:

  • Readers can nominate as many characters for each award as they like.
  • Readers may second as many characters as they like.
  • Readers may not nominate and then second their own recommendations (at this stage you can vote for as many characters as you want, but you still only get one vote per character).
  • Authors are welcome to participate but may not nominate or second any of their OWN characters… they are welcome and encouraged to let their readers know about the awards and may suggest characters to their own readers that they could nominate for various awards.
  • The awards are for fantasy characters only. Thus, Katniss Everdeen can’t be nominated because she is from Dystopian. Neither can Ender Wiggin… he’s Sci-Fi.
  • Last year’s winners are ineligible for being nominated for this year’s awards.
  • Tolkien characters are the STANDARD for these awards, and are therefore NOT eligible for winning.
  • This year’s hashtag is #SilmAwards2021.

And now, in the comments below this post, nominate your favorite EPIC HEROINE!

Visit the other nomination blog posts for each Award by clicking below. And view the full schedule at The Awards are:

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245 thoughts on “The Silmaril Awards 2021 are now open! Nominate your favorite characters today!

  1. Seconding: Elizabeth Bennett, Issi, Nia Wingfeather, Annabeth Chase, Sophie Hatter, Leeli, Poly, Lady Isabella, Cress, Emma (Green Ember), Gwendolyn Lancaster, Bridget, Baili, Scarlet, Ella, Aza, Miri, Nynaeve, Navani, Alyrra/Thorn, Zafira, Nyx, Luneta, Mina, Echo from Echo North, Sylvie Imanthiya, and Rysn!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *takes a deep breath*


    Cordelia, Sylvia (Afterverse)
    Essie (Elven Alliance)
    Pet (City Between)
    Selene (Mark of the Raven)
    Kyrin (Ilyon Chronicles)
    Cimorene (Enchanted Forest)
    Nia, Leeli (Wingfeather Saga)
    Imraldera, Rose Red, Mouse, Daylily (ToGW)
    Dana Illwind
    Sophie Hatter
    Nastya (Romanov)
    Petra, Clara (Rizkaland)
    Poly (Spindle)
    Ela (Books of the Infinite)
    Liz Sharp (Miss Sharp’s Monsters)
    Emma (Fawkes)
    Baili (Blood in the Snow)
    Clovis (Lady of Dreams)
    Berlyne (TSE)
    Renna, Brandi (Blades of Acktar)
    Rhen (To Best the Boys)
    Heloise (A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold)
    Azalea, Bramble (Entwined)
    Susan (Narnia)


  3. I second:
    Dana Illwind
    Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Luneta from The Lioness and Her Knight by Gerald Morris
    Berlyne Alverado

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