Make the Most of Your BLOG

If you are an Author, or hoping to be soon, I highly recommend you consider creating a Blog—One of the Best ways to reach your audience! Here is a collection of articles to get you managing your Blog as well as any pro! New to Blogging? Or maybe you're not seeing the Results you first … Continue reading Make the Most of Your BLOG

Writing Step 6: Your Book Cover

The Book Cover is a crucial part in creating a book that people will be interested in! It needs just as much thought and care put into it as the story you wrote. Yes, it really is that important! Think of it as your advertisement to the world, your story's "poster", so to speak, representing what … Continue reading Writing Step 6: Your Book Cover

Preface, Foreword, and Introduction Explained!

It is easy to get these three confused. When I was first learning to write, I, too, got these mixed up and had no idea what my front matter piece should be titled. Was it a preface? A foreword? I had no clue! So, I did what most savvy people nowadays do: Search the internet! … Continue reading Preface, Foreword, and Introduction Explained!

Writing–Step 5: Book Interior + ToC Tricks

Interior Tips & Tricks Designing the interior of your book for print can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It has taken up a lot of my time, and I still find myself going back and tweaking things. But hey, it’s the part of your book that everybody is going to be reading, so, it … Continue reading Writing–Step 5: Book Interior + ToC Tricks

The enemy: Carpal Tunnel :(

Yep, it turns out the dread carpal tunnel is to blame for the sudden intense pain in my wrist which felt like I'd fractured it X(  It turns out that I had had it for months now without knowing it, until it suddenly and painfully spiked. I'm writing about this so hopefully none of you … Continue reading The enemy: Carpal Tunnel 😦

Writing: the Difference Between ebook Conversion and Formatting

"What is the difference" you may ask? Here is an article to answer that and get you thinking about the final product of your book: Indie Author Tip aticle

Writing Step 3

Okay, so by now you've proof read and overall finished your book. That's great! Way to go! Be sure and celebrate your hard work before plodding on to the next task: the tasks of figuring out how you're going to publish your book and start getting people to read it! can be overwhelming 🙂 … Continue reading Writing Step 3

Writing Step 2

Okay, so now it's time for the next steps! Audience: As you're writing be sure to keep your audience in mind. Is this something that will appeal to them? Relate to them, and their situation in life? Really keep in mind your readers' age group and what the majority of them are thinking and feeling, and … Continue reading Writing Step 2


Are you considering writing a book, or thinking some day in the future you might want to? If so, here are a few quick tips I've learned while going through the early stages of the process: Read. Yes, in order to write good you must first be a reader. Choose books in the same genre as what you're … Continue reading Writing