Inspiration Behind “A Dragon’s Treasure”

Free-Dragon-Fantasy-Desktop-Wallpapers-002 This was a fun little story to write, since I love dragons and the mystery surrounding them. Many legends and ancient lore tell of the dragon guarding its horde of treasure, and I went in this direction with the tale to explore. If you haven’t read the story yet, read Here.

            Some of the inspiration came from the book: Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Where a boy becomes obsessed with an old, dead dragon’s abandoned treasure and tries on a piece of it. But the treasure soon curses him and he is transformed into a dragon! And so, the boy’s lesson on greed and arrogance begins. I loved reading this story as a kid. It gave me a different view and perspective on dragons. With my little story, I wanted a lesson behind it equally as good as the one mentioned in Narnia.

            A dragon and his treasure. The desire for wealth, clinging onto it, would be his problem. A problem similar to what many face in this fame and wealth driven world, today. But wealth is an empty and endless goal. In the end, what does it profit you? Some temporary happiness, yes, but nothing long-lasting. You might die alone, just as the old dragon in Narnia did, with a corrupted and tormented soul all that remains.

            What is the answer? The dragon must leave his clinging desire for wealth in order to live and save himself. Leaving behind wealth’s shackles and chains so that he can be free, and gain true contentment and salvation beyond the dark treasure cave…

            You cannot spread your wings and fly in a cave, but only in the sky outside.

You can buy this story and others in the collection: BLEEDING HEART

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