Onions, What Vampires Fear #AtoZChallenge

Part of the A-to-Z blog challenge. My theme is legends and legendary creatures. I hope you enjoy following along!

Onions & Garlic, the Vampire Repellent

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So what is it with garlic and onions? Why do monsters and vampires fear it, hate it, run away from it? Come along with me as we speculate the reasons why!
(onions and garlic will go hand-in-hand in this post because I need the letter “O.” 😉 )

1) Garlic and onions have a strong smell, which I’m sure you already know. It’s the reason we love breath mints. And this strong smell can repel some blood-sucking insects.
If it can scare away mosquitoes, why not vampires too?

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2) Garlic is a strong natural antibiotic. Before the invention of antibiotic medicines, garlic was used as the primary way to get rid of bacterial infections. It was a curer of many ailments.
Turning into a vampire was much like catching an illness that took over your body, so maybe vampires had a fear that garlic would cure their “illness” and they would become dead once more. Hence the reason they didn’t want to drink the blood of someone who has been eating garlic/onions or rubbing it on their skin.

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3) Garlic and the like is known all over the world to ward off evil and monsters, whether it be vampires, were-wolves, witches spells, you name it. The use of garlic in such a way even predates to ancient Egypt, where they used a wreath of garlic to defend against a vampire-like ghost. (Who knew?)

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4) Garlic and onions are white, which is the opposite of evil.

“Behold, the white onion of power!”

Twilight, onion, vampire, vampire story, vampire tale, vampire books, vampire novel, storytelling, black, dark, hands, night, lol, meme, Stephenie Meyer,The fact that Bram Stoker used garlic as a vampire repellent in his novel most likely helped continue the myth into today. But as for what started the idea back in the ancient world…well, we can only speculate with said reasons above.

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Random, but yes. I’m glad you’re not a sparkling vampire, Jar Jar Binks.

The lesson is: Eat a healthy dose of garlic with your meals. It’s good for you health-wise, but do keep breath mints at hand.

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Do you have any speculations about garlic vs vampires?
Does this encourage you to eat more garlic?

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Many of these ideas came from the article http://garlicshaker.com/blog/a-clove-of-garlic-9-reasons-why-vampires-fear-it/ and I recommend you read it for further details and thoughts on the subject!

(Art/gifs belongs to their respective owners, not me. I make no profit through this.)

15 thoughts on “Onions, What Vampires Fear #AtoZChallenge

  1. Garlic and onions can help ward off mosquitoes? I didn’t know that… But I don’t mind eating garlic on pizza or in Italian dishes. There’s a pizza / Italian food chain called Sweet Tomatoes here in MA, and their Magherita pizza features two kinds of cheese, basil, tomato sauce, and (wait for it… ) sliced garlic. It adds a nice kick, but I once found a whole, unsliced clove on one slice. Yikes!

    I can’t eat raw onions, though. Cooked, yes. But raw ones repeat on me. *blushes*

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard it before, but haven’t tried it because…well, I don’t want to smell like an onion. XD
      Ooh that pizza sounds delicious! That’s a funny story; I’ve yet to find an unsliced clove in something. 🙂 Do they do any gluten-free? I miss getting good pizza and would love garlic on it.
      Yeah, I’m not keen on eating a whole raw onion–and that’s probably what it would take to do any real good. *eek*

      Liked by 1 person

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