New Progress Bars Available for WordPress!

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And yes, this includes users! In fact, the whole point is that they can be used on sites (like mine) and look unique, instead of the plain ones you find out there now. But first, here's the story of how they came about: When I started revising the draft of my novel Strayborn, … Continue reading New Progress Bars Available for WordPress!


Just a note to say…

I'll be taking the summer off from blogging consistently. You'll still hear from me now and then, but not on a weekly basis until August. I do have a fun announcement though! Those who've been following this blog for over a year will remember those weekly Blog Battle stories I participated in. The short stories … Continue reading Just a note to say…

Looking for weird stories and mysteries?

As a writer, I'm fascinated by the mysteries and strangeness that can be found in our world, especially the kind that can be found in nature. And so when I stumbled across Nature's Weirdest Events and its sequel Weird Wonders of the World on Netflix, I dove right in! You've heard of giant waves hitting … Continue reading Looking for weird stories and mysteries?

What’s Living Inside Us?

Nova Wonder's episode about the microorganisms that live on and inside our bodies is a fascinating watch. I saw it when it aired on PBS, and until then didn't really know much about microbes or how they affect our health. It turns out that microbes are vital to our health, and yet scientists are only … Continue reading What’s Living Inside Us?

Update, May

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Hello, fellow readers and writers! I hope this spring season has found you well. Here the biting black flies are out, making it difficult to stay outdoors long. But despite that, me and my mother did still manage to plant flowers in the barrel for Mother's Day. 🙂 So here's a quick update through April … Continue reading Update, May

Spring’s Thaw

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All is silent All is cold Wrapped around me like a blanket of ice. I can’t move There’s no air I wait and wait and try to sleep For what feels like an endless period of time. Then the cold white surrounding me suddenly breaks Cracking like the shell of an egg And the snow … Continue reading Spring’s Thaw

Time For Another Break!

And for the same reasons as last time. I need to put every ounce of free time I can into revisions for Strayborn. We're almost halfway through April (can you believe it?) and I really need to step it up and keep focused! Speaking of April, it's cold and ice outside, nothing of spring up … Continue reading Time For Another Break!

Books That Have Been on My TBR List the Longest. Can You Help Me Decide Which to Keep?

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Top Ten Tuesday is run by That Artsy Reader Girl. With life and whatnot happening, I missed when this topic was first posted. Reading other friends' and bloggers' lists was so fun, though, it made me curious about what mysterious books have lingered in the silent shadows of my own To-Read list. And that's why today I … Continue reading Books That Have Been on My TBR List the Longest. Can You Help Me Decide Which to Keep?

Jesus’ Scars, an Easter #poem

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This poem was written by my mother, and since the theme is on Easter and Jesus' resurrection, it feels like the perfect time to share it. Scars Some things in heaven Are made by man These are the scars In my Savior’s hands He walked the road To Calvary, Carried a cross My soul to … Continue reading Jesus’ Scars, an Easter #poem

Update, and a podcast link

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Hey guys! That was a well needed hiatus. In fact, I might have to take another one soon. I finished a lot more revisions on Strayborn, and I even had time to search around and hire an artist to do the book cover! I'm also querying agents for a children's picture book idea I have. … Continue reading Update, and a podcast link