Lost In The Mountain Forest

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You wander away from the old inn up in the mountains

A chance to explore this unknown part of the landscape as the sun rises,

Wandering into the forest that rolls and caresses the land’s verdant green sides.

As dawn breaks, a misty damp lingers in the air

Condensing sparkling dew drops on every leafy surface;

Sun rays pierce through the canopy so bright

You can smell its sweetness as it mingles with the wet earth;

Lichen is a soft sponge beneath your feet

And moss adorns the towering trees like old jewels.

Mushrooms are miniature umbrellas as the small fairies stride past

And curious you follow them to a clear rivulet carving down the forest slope.

The water shimmers, and you venture across its stepping stones

Pursuing the fairies as they glide downstream.

Lichen on the rocks is slick, deceiving your footsteps as you suddenly fall

Plunging backwards into the wetness.

Though shallow, you somehow submerge under the water

And you struggle to reach for air, reach for the dappled light above, in a panic,

Lungs burning, you kick and kick until your weary legs propel you up

And you emerge, gasping.

The forest is in night, stars peek through the canopy high above

As if you’ve transported through time and space.

Nothing looks familiar.

The songs of night fill the darkness, eerie cries of creatures you could never discern,

Fireflies flicker like little lanterns all around, and some too still resemble pairs of eyes

Before a sharp breeze like a breath comes and blows the yellow lights out.

Something moves in the water behind you, and you hurry to leave the stream

Only looking back once to see a dark shape as it sinks beneath the surface.

The forest air is cold and damp, and soggy in-between your toes.

Every rustle of leaves could be a predator—of this world or someplace else,

Yet there is no haven, nowhere to go but wander the forest blind…

Something glows blue, and you turn to face a single blue flame floating in the air.

Several more appear, and together they form a trail through the trees.

The blue wisp beckons you to follow. You know you are lost, but…

Should you follow the trail, hoping it’s not a trick, or take your chances and wander uphill?

What would you do? Vote:

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17 thoughts on “Lost In The Mountain Forest

  1. Beautiful poem. 🙂 I will follow the wisps. I’m pretty good at navigating, so I figure if the wisps lead me astray, I will be able to find my way back to wherever I started. Plus, if I was transported somewhere else via the stream, maybe the wisps will help me get back to where I need to be!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Abbey! That’s a very smart idea. If you feel like the wisps are leading you astray, you can turn back and restart at the stream. But there are scary things lurking in the dark, so I might climb up a tree and wait until daybreak…


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