Brief Hiatus

I'll be taking a short hiatus this month, so that I can focus on writing. I'm sure you saw my long list of writing projects for this year. 😉 I should be back on Monday 26th. Until then, happy reading and happy writing!


The Life of Minstrels, a Guest Post by author Jenelle Schmidt

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Today author Jenelle Schmidt is here to talk about minstrels. Why this topic, you ask? Because her new book Minstrel's Call is now available, and there's an epic giveaway to go along with it! First let's hear from Jenelle, and then you'll have a chance to enter the giveaway which is full of all things … Continue reading The Life of Minstrels, a Guest Post by author Jenelle Schmidt

Top 7 Favorite Books Read In 2017

This is my first attempt at a yearly summary of favorite books. I'm usually a slow reader and don't have a long enough list to say much for a blog post, but 2017 was one of my better reading years. And while I didn't reach any major reading goals, I did come across many great … Continue reading Top 7 Favorite Books Read In 2017

The Last Motley, #booktour & #giveaway

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Welcome to the virtual book tour for The Last Motley by Grace Award nominated author DJ Edwardson. I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, and it is a dear story for both young and old readers alike. I'll let DJ take it from here, and introduce you to his latest fantasy novel and world: To … Continue reading The Last Motley, #booktour & #giveaway

Writing In The New year

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Since it’s the start of a new year, it’s time I look over my writing results for 2017. And from there, tentatively plan what it is I hope to achieve in 2018. You could call this the writer's version of a new year resolution. 🙂 2017 Writing Stats are as follows: 2nd and 3rd drafts … Continue reading Writing In The New year

#poem inspired by The Falconer series

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“What Could Have Been” A sad smile as the snowflakes fall Is all that I’m left with as he turns to leave, As he drifts into the shadows And the darkness swallows him whole. What could have been What would have been If we’d had a chance If we’d had a longer life to share … Continue reading #poem inspired by The Falconer series

A Little Healthier, 3 Things I’m Doing In 2018

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I can't believe 2018 is already here! And what better way to start it off than with healthy tips that will make us feel better and more energized? I know I sure need it after dealing with the whirlwind that was 2017 and the loss of four dear people in my life. So, without further … Continue reading A Little Healthier, 3 Things I’m Doing In 2018

In Remembrance

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Another loved one has departed this year, just after Christmas, my grandma Nancy. This is dedicated to her: “In Remembrance” Sweet and thoughtful, Always there to give an encouraging word, Never harsh, even to those who were unkind But wanting peace and love for all peoples. A lover of nature, When she looked out the … Continue reading In Remembrance

The Story Behind Gingerbread Houses, and Tales of the Gingerbread Man!

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Gingerbread has been around for a looong time. We’re talking way, way back to the days of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, where it took on a different form and meaning than it has today. Back then it was used for religious practices, baking the tough bread into various shapes and symbols of their culture’s … Continue reading The Story Behind Gingerbread Houses, and Tales of the Gingerbread Man!

Frozen Garden by E.E. Rawls – Day 11 Advent 2017 

Today I’m a guest over at Solveig Werner’s blog, as part of her annual Advent Calendar! Every day in December there is a new blog post relating to the Christmas season and winter-time. My contribution is this poem.

Solveig Werner

Frozen Garden by E.E. Rawls

Day 11 Advent 2017

“Frozen Garden”

I stand in the snow
In the garden that has turned into a world of white.
All is silent
No birds, no singing crickets
Nothing but the tiny bubbling of a frozen creak
As its waters battle to flow beneath the ice.
There are no colors around me but white
And the dark bark of trees that have fallen into slumber.
I feel alone in the silence, the stillness, the colorlessness
As if I am the only living thing that remains
As if death has taken away everyone and everything I’ve known.
The cold air bites at my skin
And I pull my scarf closer.
Winter reminds me of solitude, a beautiful sadness
And the inevitability of death
The ice freezing over living things until they surrender.
I shudder, and my exhale is like a puff of smoke in…

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