The Emoji Book Tag!

I’m here with a fun book tag today! The lovely Trisha Ann over at her book blog nominated me for The Emoji Book Tag, and I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed participating!

The rules are simple. It’s just about pairing up the most used or recently used emoji with a book of your choosing!

Laughing Crying Emoji

laughing, crying, face, eyes, emoji, tag, books, author blog,I’m not one to cry while I laugh, unless I’m laughing very veeery hard, so I can’t say that a book has done that for me yet. But this one did come close! Going Postal going-postal-front-pb[1]was the funniest book I’ve read in a long time, and the language in it is so witty! You can read my review of it here.

Fist Emoji

 Among the most battle-centered books I’ve read has got to be the Redwall series. While it may look cute and cuddly on the outside, with the book covers of animals, and the tales beginning slowly and sweet, things fast change in these books until they become epic stories of battling evil, journeys into the unknown, slavery, solving mysteries, and heartfelt endings.

Happy Nerd Emoji

Come on, you knew this was coming.
I had to mention the trilogy somewhere on here, right? You guessed it: Lord of the Rings!!! Need I say more?

Sad Face Emoji

 The Wheel of Time series, while it isn’t necessarily sad (actually very gripping, violent and intense), I give it this emoji because it’s a super long series that has taken me a super long time to read! I’m still only half way through it, because it’s one of those long, grand, epic, save the world series that you need to press the pause button on, now and then, so you can read other books by other authors before diving back into it again. I still love it though, I really do!

Pouting Emoji

 The Ranger’s Apprentice series. While I really enjoyed the first four books, for me the fifth book just fizzled out. This calls for the pout face. My interest left and I haven’t finished the fifth book yet. I might get back to it some day, and hopefully the rest of the books in the series will be better reads. But for now, it waits.

The lovely Nominees for this tag aaare…

Rachel Ritchey
Rebekah Hendrian
Candice Coates
Claire M Banschbach
Lauren Gunter
Sarah Brentyn
Simon Farnell

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22 thoughts on “The Emoji Book Tag!

  1. Yayayay! I’m so glad you did this! I should have included that happy nerd emoji! Gaaah I’m too late in joining the LOTR craze. I’m just about to start watching the movies [bc I was too loyal a fan of Harry Potter which was on the big screen the same time as LOTR lol]. I haven’t read any of these books on your list but they look awesome especially From the Two Rivers. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved the happy nerd emoji when I saw it! I was like: “That is so me!” 😀
      Eeee, you need to watch LOTR! It’s sooo epic! Haha, I was both a HP and LOTR fan (if that’s allowed). 😉
      Yay, I’m glad I could share with you more books to add to your tbr list! From the Two Rivers was a great read, as was Triss from the Redwall series! 😀
      Thanks again for nominating me! I’ll be getting to the others too; I’m just slow. 🙂


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