Top 7 Favorite Books Read In 2017

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This is my first attempt at a yearly summary of favorite books. I'm usually a slow reader and don't have a long enough list to say much for a blog post, but 2017 was one of my better reading years. And while I didn't reach any major reading goals, I did come across many great … Continue reading Top 7 Favorite Books Read In 2017

Mistborn, The Final Empire #book by #BrandonSanderson

Mistborn, The Final Empire —Brandon Sanderson Genre: Fantasy / Science Fiction   Story contains: some gruesome violence, cussing. In a world where ash falls instead of rain, and the realm of night is taken over by mist, Vin struggles to survive as a thief before the charismatic Kelsier picks her up and changes her life. He … Continue reading Mistborn, The Final Empire #book by #BrandonSanderson

Cinder, The Lunar Chronicles #book by #MarisaMeyer

Cinder, The Lunar Chronicles —Marissa Meyer Genre: Cyberpunk, Science Fiction & Fantasy Story contains: violence, action, plague. When I first found out that Cinder was a retelling of Cinderella, and a futuristic cyborg version at that, I knew I had to get my hands on this! After hearing from fellow bookworms about how much they loved … Continue reading Cinder, The Lunar Chronicles #book by #MarisaMeyer

“Captive Hope,” a Review of the #Magicalrealism Novel by Author Rachael Ritchey

Captive Hope —Rachael Ritchey Genre: magical realism / speculative fiction / fairytale Story contains: some violence, action. After the events of The Beauty Thief (book 1 in the Chronicles of The Twelve Realms series), Captive Hope follows the journey of Idra, the Lady-in-waiting to the princess, as she is kidnapped and taken far from her country by … Continue reading “Captive Hope,” a Review of the #Magicalrealism Novel by Author Rachael Ritchey

Wolf By Wolf, a Review of the #historicalfiction novel by #RyanGraudin

Wolf by Wolf —Ryan Graudin Genre: Historical Fiction Story contains: violence, action. This is one of the best books I've read in a while! An intense read that kept me turning the pages. A historical fiction novel that's based on the "what if's" after World War 2, especially the "what if" Hitler had won. This story … Continue reading Wolf By Wolf, a Review of the #historicalfiction novel by #RyanGraudin

The Emoji Book Tag!

I'm here with a fun book tag today! The lovely Trisha Ann over at her book blog nominated me for The Emoji Book Tag, and I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed participating! The rules are simple. It’s just about pairing up the most used or recently used emoji with a … Continue reading The Emoji Book Tag!

Jurassic World

  About two weeks ago Jurassic World came out on DVD, and I'd been meaning to post this review, but life kept getting in the way. I decided to go ahead and post this anyway, in case any of you have yet to see the movie and are curious about it. 🙂 Thoughts on Plot: … Continue reading Jurassic World

Book Review: Snow Like Ashes

Meira is a tough and determined protagonist with a lot of personality. She grew on me as I followed her thoughts and narration throughout the story. The fun, energetic side of her I found appealing. I'm not sure that I agree with every decision she's made, at times being...

Going Postal #BookReview

Arch-swindler Moist Van Lipwig never believed his confidence crimes were hanging offenses - until he found himself with a noose tightly around his neck, dropping through a trapdoor, and falling into...a government job?

Antman Review! @Marvel #antman #moviereview

I went into this movie knowing nothing of the comic book series, or even reading reviews. I watched the trailers, they made me laugh, and it's by Marvel--that was enough to convince me I had to see this. And I'm glad I did! The humor was good and clean, the plot fun and interesting, and the action was appropriate--not the constant beating, fighting, running that after a while grows dull. No, this movie's action was thoroughly entertaining!