Haiku: Firefly Flight

My haiku for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge–a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Inspire & Loss. I hope you enjoy them.

“Firefly Flight”

The moon inspires

The fireflies then gather,

Before night is lost.


The next one is meant to be a reminder to focus on the more important things in life. Time is ticking, and instead of spending it on “objects, things, etc” we should focus more on family and the people around us. All the “things” we gain will one day be lost, so focus on what truly matters. 🙂


All we gain is lost

Time a fast moving river,

Inspiration flows.

© 2015 E. Rawls   Newsletter

How to read a haiku:

The moon inspires, The fireflies then gather.
The fireflies then gather, Before night is lost.

6 thoughts on “Haiku: Firefly Flight

  1. I like the comparison of time to a river. Time flows faster than we can keep up with sometimes. The fireflies one inspires some wonderful imagery. I like both. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I don’t know why I was thinking about time so much this weekend. Maybe it’s because I wish there was more of it. 🙂
      Fireflies are one of my favorite things about summer nights.

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  2. All we gain is lost. You know, some may look at it as negative, but if you think about how you also lose the bad things you gained, you can turn it into something somewhat neutral. I’m thinky today.

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    • Good thinking, Ron! It can be a positive. I was also thinking of “gain” as in all the “things” and “objects” we gather and collect, when we should be focusing on the family and people around us. 🙂

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