Fiction Writers: Ideas for Blog Posts

Are you somewhat new to blogging and life as an author? It can be difficult figuring out what you should blog about, how you can go about it the right way and gain more readers of your work.

Solution? There is no one sure way, but the suggestions in this post will get you started!

10 Blog Post Must-Do’s for Writers

These ideas are designed as a basic style guide and as a resource to help you identify potential topics for blog posts, which will help you sell your books. Author blog posts should be published on your own website or blog whenever possible, to draw people to a site with your own branding on it.

We encourage you to write book-related blog posts, because they are more likely to gain you readers. While it is possible that you will win readers by writing about writing or about your daily life or your views on other subjects, the likelihood of selling your books that way is less than if you write about subjects directly related to your book or books.

Here’s our suggestions for what to write about: Read on…

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