A Dragon’s Treasure

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A Dragon’s Treasure

Leathery wings lay folded against his back…the night air outside warm
As the breeze circles past the mouth of the cave.
Lying inside that dark shelter he shifts his weight
And beneath large claws the mound of gold trembles
And clinks with movement:
Bracelets of rubies blood red, coins gold and silver, necklaces of
Pearls from the seas, diadem sapphires like fallen stars from the sky,
Crowns of kingdoms long since ruins—the great stash of treasure
He had collected over time and guarded viciously.
Suddenly, as the warm, damp breezes blow outside
Echoes of words carry through the air
And into his drooping ears: “You cannot take it with you…”

The mount of gold his bedding, its shimmer like sparks of flames
Reflecting off dragon scales, he remained motionless, close to the cave’s
Entrance, eyes vigilant and scanning—for any who might
Dare come near his treasure, a wreath of deadly flames is their fate!
This was his treasure, his alone! He would never let it go…!
Early dawn light breaks with the breeze,
The sun’s first beams shimmering across the land
Shining brightly where they strike the earth in brilliance,
To all outside, bringing the light of day.
It is one such beam of sunshine that suddenly angles in
And pierces the floor of the cave before the mountainous stash of gold,
While alarmed serpent eyes watch warily.
The rare beam of light transforms,
Glowing like liquid sun drops into a shapely form:
A fairy of the morning sunshine. “You cannot take it with you…”

What was a fairy doing here?
His tail swished back and forth scattering piles of jewel rings.
The fairy looks at him then glances back at the bright world
Beyond the cave’s mouth
And with confused eyes she asks what he is doing:
Why he is here in this cold, dark place when the world
Outside is so warm and full with eternal love and holy light?
Gold slanted eyes look beyond the cave’s mouth
And indeed, the scene was appealing! But his treasure…
“My treasure is here, I cannot leave it for a second, or I’ll risk losing it
—It is mine!” The fairy shakes her head in reply:
“What is the point of riches and their value?
They are shackles around your ankles, trapping you in this darkness,
A barrier between you and the light while your eyes grow blind.
A prisoner of the cave you become until your death.
You cannot take these things with you when you die,
Your treasure will be left behind and belong to somebody else…
Instead, focus on that which is eternal and lasts—your soul
While you are still living.
Bring yourself into the Lord’s light—Come!
Leave the darkness, your treasure, behind.”

He hesitates, gazing at the mounds
Of ruby jewels, emeralds, crowns, and gold of every shade…
All of it was beautiful…beautiful yet cold as dark ice against his body.
Not warm like the sunshine pouring forth
Through and beyond the cave’s entrance…

“You cannot take it with you.”

Slowly, he rises up on large clawed feet to follow the fairy outside
Into the saving light and pure freedom,
Leaving the darkness and treasure—those shackles—behind….

~Excerpt from the book “Bleeding Heart”~

Bleeding Heart, Elizabeth Rawls, Rachel Rawls, poem book, poetry, short stories, riddles

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11 thoughts on “A Dragon’s Treasure

  1. Very nice! At first I was thinking of Smaug in Erebor, but this ended up taking a different turn. This dragon was able to move beyond his greed and think of all the wonders he was missing from the outside world – and it’s reflective of real life, too. Because there’s a lot more to the world than wealth and such. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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