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Prairie Sky Book’s amazing Review of my book: “Bleeding Heart”!

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Bleeding Heart imageDo you enjoy being challenged and inspired by stories that are written in such a way as to evoke deep emotion, and bring new ideas to light? When stories closely reflect snapshots of life, they often speak to our hearts – especially if the emotion woven into the story reminds us of our own struggles, or disappointments, or joys. Today, one of the often-overlooked modes of storytelling is poetry, which the dictionary defines as ‘a literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm’. Doesn’t this sound like a treasure trove for readers in search of deeper meanings and messages? And yet many avid readers steer away from poetry, thinking it too difficult and abstract to understand, and perhaps too boring to be enjoyed. Certainly this was the category I fell into, until I read a…

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Inspiration Behind “A Dragon’s Treasure”

 This was a fun little story to write, since I love dragons and the mystery surrounding them. Many legends and ancient lore tell of the dragon guarding its horde of treasure, and I went in this direction with the tale to explore. If you haven’t read the story yet, read Here.             Some of the inspiration came … Continue reading Inspiration Behind “A Dragon’s Treasure”

Author L. Benitez reviews “BLEEDING HEART”

Author and artist L. Benitez of book series: "Shinobi 7" has written and posted her review of my recent book "Bleeding Heart" Read it here!

A Dragon’s Treasure

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“A Dragon’s Treasure” Leathery wings lay folded against his back…the night air outside warm As the breeze circles past the mouth of the cave. Lying inside that dark shelter he shifts his weight And beneath large claws the mound of gold trembles And clinks with movement: Bracelets of rubies blood red, coins gold and silver, necklaces … Continue reading A Dragon’s Treasure


Bleeding Heart! Find it on Amazon or Barnes&Noble and order your paperback copy now!  or see the books page for ebook links! And be sure and subscribe to my Newsletter for more insights and special offers coming! Excerpt from poem "Life's Ocean": "The ocean stretches out–it flows on and on, The sky and water both … Continue reading BOOK on SALE