Meet the Book Master, #BP March

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Today you will meet the stately, young adult, Gandalf-like character who is a lover of knowledge, books, and exploration: Master Nephryte! This monthly meme, hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up & Further In, is where authors and writers answer a series of questions regarding their interesting characters. Find my other character posts here. Did you hear the news that … Continue reading Meet the Book Master, #BP March

Cosmic Hunter for #BlogBattle One Year Celebration!

Today is the one year anniversary of the #BlogBattle challenge, hosted by the truly amazing Rachael Ritchey! I don't know how she manages it, between writing, author work, family, and every day life. She's amazing. Be sure and check out her website and novels. For this special occasion, all Blogbattlers are to choose one of … Continue reading Cosmic Hunter for #BlogBattle One Year Celebration!

Madnes Destiny

Busy with my current WIP V.Chronicles, I wasn't able to write up a chapter for this week, sadly. But to keep in the Madnes Solver theme as my friend Candice suggested, I give you this rhyme based on the character Madnes and his story! I hope you enjoy. The new chapter will post next week. … Continue reading Madnes Destiny

#BP #Friendship: Madnes and Oz

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How long have they known each other, and how close are they? Madnes and Oz have known each other since they were children. They are cousins, and they used to be very close, two peas in a pod, though they differ in personality. Sadly, things didn’t stay that way. A change overcame Oz, an icy cold, and he began hating the world and everything he once loved. Madnes didn’t understand why or where this change was coming from, but it put an end to their friendship. And soon Oz moved away with his parents, and Madnes couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye or try and mend the broken bond between them.

One Year Blogoversary! And a Character Spotlight: Aken

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What’s their favourite ice cream flavour? Aken likes many different flavors; but the best to him is probably chocolate flavored, because chocolate is an expensive delicacy in their kingdom.