Fishing for Answers: 2000 or Two-Thousand?

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Question: For a novel, would you write numbers like 2000 as "two-thousand" or "2000"? How about "53" or "fifty-three"? Give us your opinion and comment. Let’s discuss!

What Your Faves Have in Common

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What keeps you reading: This is an interesting question to think about before and during the writing process: What do all of your favorite stories have in common? (this can include all media, not just books) Why find out? Because answering this question for yourself may give you an idea of what it is you want … Continue reading What Your Faves Have in Common

How to Deal with Writer’s Block

So, you want to write a book! You have some great ideas for it, and now it's time to put those ideas out on paper into a wonderful story for all to read and enjoy! You begin writing, and maybe already have a page or more finished, but are faced with a problem... You put … Continue reading How to Deal with Writer’s Block