Legends and Legendary Creatures, the A-Z List!

April's #AtoZChallenge explored many legends and legendary creatures from around the world. I learned a ton doing this: about creatures I'd never heard of or only vaguely knew of, about many interesting folklore tales and how they came to be, and about fossils of monstrous creatures that once lived. Many of you really enjoyed the posts, … Continue reading Legends and Legendary Creatures, the A-Z List!

Nian the Chinese Monster #AtoZChallenge

Part of the A-to-Z blog challenge. My theme is legends and legendary creatures. I hope you enjoy following along! Nian the Chinese Monster Legend tells of a huge beast resembling a lion, bearing horns on its head, named by the locals "Nian." There are variations of the tale, but this one states that at every New Year's … Continue reading Nian the Chinese Monster #AtoZChallenge