A Barrel of Fun #WeeklySmile

When the days stay warm, and there's no longer a threat of frost in the night, it's time for us to get the old barrel ready! It's become one of our yearly traditions. This old barrel was left behind by the people who had this house before us, and one day, after walking through town and seeing shops and restaurants fill … Continue reading A Barrel of Fun #WeeklySmile

Dandelion Fun #WeeklySmile

  Me and my dad went outside on the lawn Sunday, which is covered in dandelions right now. There was a heavy breeze, so I plucked a dandelion that had turned into a white puff of parachute seeds and blew on it. The breeze pushed the seeds towards my dad, and he tried to dodge them as … Continue reading Dandelion Fun #WeeklySmile

It’s Finally Warm! Yes, I’m Excited. #WeeklySmile

Spring has been a long time coming here, in northern New England. Weeks of cold and rain, and not a leaf bud in sight. But since May arrived, it's gotten mildly warmer, enough for the flowers to bloom, though not as full as they have been previous years. I heard on the news that this spring … Continue reading It’s Finally Warm! Yes, I’m Excited. #WeeklySmile

Light In The Rain #WeeklySmile

#WeeklySmile is a weekly link-up event hosted by Trent McDonald, with the purpose of spreading smiles and making the week a little brighter. http://www.wallpapermania.eu/images/lthumbs/2012-08/3310_Rain-in-the-district-including-sunlight.jpg It was Mother's Day, and all morning long the sky was drear and overcast. When we came home from church, a break in the clouds finally let blue sky and sunshine through. … Continue reading Light In The Rain #WeeklySmile

V.Chronicles Draft #3 DONE! Here’s a peek Behind the Scenes:

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    Draft #3 is done! Yes, it's finally DONE! On March 6th, the last chapter was revised. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably saw my excited tweet. 🙂 (It took me a while to find time to write up this post though.) After a solid year of working on Draft #3, … Continue reading V.Chronicles Draft #3 DONE! Here’s a peek Behind the Scenes:

“Be Thankful” Challenge

My sweet author friend Rachael Ritchey nominated me for this Thanksgiving themed blog fun! Be sure and visit her website and check out her book The Beauty Thief. After the tragedy in Paris last week, I am especially reminded how important it is to be thankful for all that we have. To treasure every moment spent … Continue reading “Be Thankful” Challenge

Shinobi 7 Promo FREE on Amazon

You may remember author L. Benitez from my interview with her last year.

#BP #Friendship: Madnes and Oz

Madnes Solver, E E Rawls, wonderland, fantasy author, madness solver

How long have they known each other, and how close are they? Madnes and Oz have known each other since they were children. They are cousins, and they used to be very close, two peas in a pod, though they differ in personality. Sadly, things didn’t stay that way. A change overcame Oz, an icy cold, and he began hating the world and everything he once loved. Madnes didn’t understand why or where this change was coming from, but it put an end to their friendship. And soon Oz moved away with his parents, and Madnes couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye or try and mend the broken bond between them.