The Winner of the Most Epic Hero #SilmarilAwards2018

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The winner of the Most Epic Hero Silmaril is now to be announced! Aragorn and his crew will do the presenting today. You can find links to all of the other awards being presented HERE. Enjoy! 🙂 “Are the columns and flowers all put in place, yet?” Aragorn asked as he paced about Minas Tirith’s … Continue reading The Winner of the Most Epic Hero #SilmarilAwards2018

Meet the Book Master, #BP March

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Today you will meet the stately, young adult, Gandalf-like character who is a lover of knowledge, books, and exploration: Master Nephryte! This monthly meme, hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up & Further In, is where authors and writers answer a series of questions regarding their interesting characters. Find my other character posts here. Did you hear the news that … Continue reading Meet the Book Master, #BP March