Release Day: Strayblood, Draev Guardians #2!

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Today's the day! Celebrate with me, guys! *Throwing confetti and doing the moonwalk* This book is finally out in the world, and you can even request it from your local bookstore or library! *Available in paperback, hardback and ebook! Purchase links: AMAZON | B&N | GOODREADS  If you're new to the world of Strayborn, book … Continue reading Release Day: Strayblood, Draev Guardians #2!

I’ve got a Surprise Release for you!

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We all know it's been a rough year, and so I wanted to give you guys something special this December! An urban fantasy thriller that showcases a tough, yet kind girl with the gift of Healing who's on the run from the mafia, and the single-winged guard who can choose either to help her or … Continue reading I’ve got a Surprise Release for you!

Interview with fantasy author Kyle Robert Shultz

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Today, I'm interviewing the author of fantasy and fairy tale retellings with a twist, the creative genius Kyle Robert Shultz. Welcome to the blog, Kyle! Here’s a cup of coffee to warm your hands. Let’s start by diving into your author bio—specifically the part that says you began writing in your early teens after being … Continue reading Interview with fantasy author Kyle Robert Shultz