Busy with my current WIP V.Chronicles, and the #atozchallenge (my theme is myths and legendary creatures!) I decided to take another break this week and try something new. Btw, did you see the news post that I finished Draft #3? 😀 Me and Natasha Roxby decided to change things up this #BlogBattle week and try our skills … Continue reading Overwhelmed

Madnes Destiny

Busy with my current WIP V.Chronicles, I wasn't able to write up a chapter for this week, sadly. But to keep in the Madnes Solver theme as my friend Candice suggested, I give you this rhyme based on the character Madnes and his story! I hope you enjoy. The new chapter will post next week. … Continue reading Madnes Destiny


Those of you expecting to see Madnes Solver here for the BlogBattle, please forgive me. I wish I'd been able to write up the next chapter for you, but as you can read from my last post it wasn't possible. I only had time for this little poem. However, next week Madnes' story will return, … Continue reading Gift