Updates: June-July #authorlife #readerlife

Writing and blogging news for June-July so far. Yes, I switched up the site title and tagline. Shocking, I know. 😉 Okay, now on to more serious blog topics 🙂 : The blog’s 1st Year Anniversary is coming up! July 16!!! 😀 And to spruce the place up, I have done a lot of cleaning out … Continue reading Updates: June-July #authorlife #readerlife

The Reader Problems Tag

A big thank you to Sara Letourneau for tagging me for this fun blog hop! I’m finally getting around to doing it, yes! I’ve been so wrapped up in editing and stuff that blog challenges fell to the side of my “to do” pile (eep!), but now I am going through them, and it’s so … Continue reading The Reader Problems Tag