3 Things I Learned In 2018

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2018 was a trying year, but in a good way overall. I broke out of my introvert shell more, and now volunteer at a local library, and learned more about myself as both a person and a writer. There were many lessons learned, but here are three you might be interested in. Maybe my mistakes and … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned In 2018

In Remembrance

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Another loved one has departed this year, just after Christmas, my grandma Nancy. This is dedicated to her: “In Remembrance” Sweet and thoughtful, Always there to give an encouraging word, Never harsh, even to those who were unkind But wanting peace and love for all peoples. A lover of nature, When she looked out the … Continue reading In Remembrance

A Light Has Gone

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This is dedicated to my good friend, Lisa, who passed away suddenly this week. She loved my poems, and would always ask me how my writing was going. She will be missed, until we meet again in heaven. "A Light Has Gone" Your candle burned bright Bright through the darkness So inviting, so warm Welcoming … Continue reading A Light Has Gone

The Siblinghood of the World Bloggers

I had fun answering these, and I hope you have fun reading them. 🙂 I agree that "siblinghood" is a better idea than "sisterhood," this is a tag for ladies and gents alike!