Myths and Folklore that Inspired “An Echo of the Fae”

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Fellow author and friend Jenelle Schmidt is here today as my guest to talk to us about how she came up with her fae book's story idea, namely what myths and folklore inspired her. Her new book, An Echo of the Fae, has just released and I'm honored to be a part of her book's … Continue reading Myths and Folklore that Inspired “An Echo of the Fae”

The Life of Minstrels, a Guest Post by author Jenelle Schmidt

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Today author Jenelle Schmidt is here to talk about minstrels. Why this topic, you ask? Because her new book Minstrel's Call is now available, and there's an epic giveaway to go along with it! First let's hear from Jenelle, and then you'll have a chance to enter the giveaway which is full of all things … Continue reading The Life of Minstrels, a Guest Post by author Jenelle Schmidt

Anatomy Of Writing #guestpost #giveaway

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Today I'm hosting a guest post as part of the book tour for the relaunch of The Rise of Aredor series. The author is here to share with us how she manages being a writer while also studying for a degree in Physical Therapy, two very different passions. There is also a giveaway and book … Continue reading Anatomy Of Writing #guestpost #giveaway

Ireland Mythology, Guest Post & Book Tour

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This week I'm participating in the book tour for Hazel West's new release: Scars of War, book #3 of the Modern Tales of the Na Fianna series. Which is an Urban Fantasy YA full with mythology and folklore. I've been reading the first book in the series and enjoying it so far! Hazel is here … Continue reading Ireland Mythology, Guest Post & Book Tour

How To Create A Villain

My guest post today over at Indie e-Con: "How To Create A Villain" Every good story needs a villain, or some antagonistic force. They are the ones who make the protagonist's character grow until they become the hero their story needs, the hero that readers can admire. The villain makes the hero shine; the darkness makes … Continue reading How To Create A Villain

How One Author Went About WWII Research

This week is the blog tour for author Jack Lewis Baillot's new release: Brothers In Arms, and I'm participating today with a guest post from Jack. The topic: how she went about research for her WWII novel! We're glad to have you on the blog, Jack! Welcome! How One Author Went About WWII Research "Greetings to everyone. I … Continue reading How One Author Went About WWII Research

Making Magical Creatures Unique

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This week is the blog tour for author Claire M. Banschbach's new release: Adela's Curse, and I'm participating today with a guest post from Claire. The topic is (you guessed it) magical creatures in the fantasy genre! With so many stories out there about dragons, wizards, elves and such, how does one story stand out above another? … Continue reading Making Magical Creatures Unique

Self Publisher’s Showcase: E. Rawls Featured!

The Self Publisher's Showcase website held an Open Blog Weekend and my Blog Post has been Featured! Check it out: Self Publisher's Showcase: post by E. Rawls