An Echo of the Fae, Cover Reveal!

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My friend Jenelle Schmidt has a new book releasing soon, and it contains my other favorite thing besides elves: the fae! (As if the title didn't give it away already) Yes, I love fae, and I can't wait to read this pretty gem. Here today, I'm honored to show you the shiny book cover for … Continue reading An Echo of the Fae, Cover Reveal!

Author Hazel B. West: The New Emperor’s Concert

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Today I'm participating in Hazel's blog tour for her new thriller/adventure book: The year is 2228 and the world is on the cusp of World War Four. London is rife with anarchists and secret plots. It looks like dark days are coming for the British Empire. Darker than any that have been seen for decades. … Continue reading Author Hazel B. West: The New Emperor’s Concert

Winter Spell by Claire M. Banschbach

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Today I'm helping out with Winter Spell's blog tour, the third book in Claire's Faeries of Myrnius series! And here's the beautiful cover: A half-breed faery. A war-weary princess. A quest to free three kingdoms from the deadly winter spell.  Constantly doubted by her ocean faery kindred, Tonya Freyr-dottir only wants to untangle the dormant … Continue reading Winter Spell by Claire M. Banschbach

“Dragons & Ravens,” the book is finally here!

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Hey, guys! It's time. It's here, after much work. May I present to you the new fantasy book release in the Draev Guardians series: Curse of fire. Hercule, the young heir of House Dragonsbane, has everything that wealth can purchase—that is, everything except for the one thing he longs for most: true freedom. And when … Continue reading “Dragons & Ravens,” the book is finally here!

The Crux Anthology is Released!

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Remember the ASF (Adventure, Scifi, Fantasy) Short Story Writing Contest I entered way back near the start of the year? Well, my short story, along with the other winners of the contest, is being published in an anthology, and the release date is... TODAY! That's right. You can read my short story, Vanished, along with … Continue reading The Crux Anthology is Released!

The Last Motley, #booktour & #giveaway

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Welcome to the virtual book tour for The Last Motley by Grace Award nominated author DJ Edwardson. I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, and it is a dear story for both young and old readers alike. I'll let DJ take it from here, and introduce you to his latest fantasy novel and world: To … Continue reading The Last Motley, #booktour & #giveaway

Brothers-In-Arms Cover Reveal!

It feels like the season of cover reveals and book tours lately, which is good for my book-loving appetite. 😉 Today's cover reveal comes from a wonderful author friend of mine, Jack Baillot. This goes outside my typical genre of fantasy and into another genre I'm beginning to love more and more: historical fiction! And … Continue reading Brothers-In-Arms Cover Reveal!

Adela’s Curse: Cover Reveal!

I had the privilege early last year to beta-read Adela's Curse, authored by my lovely friend Claire M. Banschbach, and I so much enjoyed it that I couldn't wait for its final cover reveal and soon-to-come publication date! Today is the official cover reveal! And soon, March 7-12 will be the blog tour for Adela's … Continue reading Adela’s Curse: Cover Reveal!

Stacking the Shelves: Of Snow, Ashes and Powers

I've been looking forward to reading this ever since I finished the 1st book, Storm Siren (which I'll be posting a review of). After the way it ended, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the 2nd book!

Cover Reveal: Half-Blood by Jaye L. Knight

Today I am bringing to you the cover reveal of an upcoming book from a lovely, inspiring author. I first came across the Ilyon Chronicles series on a friend's blog. Jaye sounded like an adventurous person with the same interests I had, and she shares the same goal in writing books as I do. So I … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Half-Blood by Jaye L. Knight