Techniques For Improving Dialogue #writers

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Dialogue is one of the most important parts of a story, and yet is easily overlooked. Before I began taking writing seriously years back, I used to assume writing dialogue was easy. I mean, how hard could it be? We use dialogue every day as we communicate with other people. I should instantly have a … Continue reading Techniques For Improving Dialogue #writers

How To Create A Villain

My guest post today over at Indie e-Con: "How To Create A Villain" Every good story needs a villain, or some antagonistic force. They are the ones who make the protagonist's character grow until they become the hero their story needs, the hero that readers can admire. The villain makes the hero shine; the darkness makes … Continue reading How To Create A Villain

Revising A Manuscript Is Like Cleaning A Castle: 8 Steps

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Your manuscript's rough draft is like entering an ancient castle, one that has been forgotten by time—caked in heavy dust and cobwebs, growing mold in damp corners. You step inside and can barely breathe, every step you take stirs up clouds from the floor. You think to yourself: This is terrible! What can I do? How … Continue reading Revising A Manuscript Is Like Cleaning A Castle: 8 Steps

3 Good Reasons Why You Need A Style Sheet

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Earlier this past Saturday, I promised in my Behind the Scenes: Draft #3 DONE post that I would elaborate more about my Writing Tip: the style sheet, and provide links to free resources. So, here we go! While going through Draft #3 of my WIP: V.Chronicles this past year, I fast discovered I needed to get … Continue reading 3 Good Reasons Why You Need A Style Sheet

Original? Is That Even Possible?

It’s a great feeling if your work gets called “Original” by someone. You feel like you’ve written something special and worthwhile, something that nobody else has thought up but you. Your story is unique, and that’s why so many people will want to read it. You hope for that word “Original” as a label on … Continue reading Original? Is That Even Possible?

Help! The Pace, It’s Too Fast!

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You’ve finished writing down your story; the rough draft is done! You go back and look things over, pleased with yourself, when you suddenly realize something’s not quite right. You look more closely, maybe even compare it with another story. You come to realize what’s been nagging at you: The pace of your story is … Continue reading Help! The Pace, It’s Too Fast!

Make Your Villains Real: 6 Tips

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Every great story needs a worthy villain. A person who brings out the best and the worst in the protagonist. The bad guy who keeps the plot moving forward, and keeps readers hanging on the edge of their seat. The dark monster contrasting the hero’s brilliant light! But it’s not as simple as that. There … Continue reading Make Your Villains Real: 6 Tips

How to Write Battle & Action Scenes: 5 Tips

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Epic battle scenes. Epic fights. We all love them, right? These are the exciting parts in the story where we cringe, squeal and goggle at the screen, while anxiously watching our favorite character to see if he/she will survive and how it will reshape them. The same goes for books: as we read through the … Continue reading How to Write Battle & Action Scenes: 5 Tips

Write the Hard Stuff: Part 2

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If you missed Part 1, click here. Please keep in mind these are suggestions only. They are meant as advice to help you polish your writing skills and help readers engage more in your work. Think of it as the “seasoning” to your dish--adding flavor to your story. Show us, don’t just tell us. Add … Continue reading Write the Hard Stuff: Part 2

Write the Hard Stuff: Part 1

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Write the Hard Stuff: Part 1 It sounds like a lot of work, right? It is, and in the end it's worth it! But let me begin by explaining what “writing the hard stuff” means: It's that which adds depth to your story and gets people engaged. Writing Fresh: Avoiding the cliché phrases, expressions and descriptions. Subtext: … Continue reading Write the Hard Stuff: Part 1