Can I ask you for a favor?

Can I ask you for a favor? The Reader’s Choice Award for fantasy books has begun over at the Realm Makers website, and for years now I’ve dreamed of seeing one of my books make it into the nominations round! Three of my books qualify for this year’s award: Strayblood, and Madness Solver in Wonderland books 1 & 2! This award lets you nominate up to a total of 3 of your favorite books of 2021, which is awesome, because if you’re like me, I can never choose just one book to nominate! So if you’ve read and enjoyed any of my books listed above, would you consider nominating them? The link to the nominations page is here:

Readers’ Choice Award 2022

Here are the books that qualify:

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Thank you for following me on this crazy, wonderful author journey, my friends! ❤️


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