Here It Is: My Goals (hopes) For 2019! Plus, a look back.

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So, I went back and took a look at my old post from the start of 2018 to see what goals I’d set for myself back then, and which of those goals I’ve either achieved or failed. Fun stuff! 😀

These were the goals I’d written back then:

  • Polish up the final draft of Strayborn and publish it.
  • Start on the sequel to Strayborn.
  • Revise 2 novellas that have been waiting for my attention.
  • Draft up a standalone novel, based off a recent story idea that hit me (love when that happens).
  • Continue writing poems, and maybe some short stories.

Haha, well clearly the first goal didn’t happen in 2018. 🙂 Nor the second! But I did revise one of those novellas. And I did draft up that standalone novel! A few poems were written, but not nearly as many, and no short stories.

So, what all did I accomplish writing-wise in 2018? And how much did I deviate from what I’d originally planned? Let’s take a look. Here are my writing results for the year:

2018’s Writing Stats:

  • 4th draft of Strayborn finished.
  • Revised a companion novella for Strayborn.
  • Revised two bonus short stories I plan to release with Strayborn.
  • Drafted two standalone novellas (one of which is a fun Beauty & The Beast retelling!).
  • Drafted one standalone novel (a modern fantasy with a twist, which I know you’ll love!).
  • Published new poems on Wattpad.
  • Published three poems on the blog.

Wow, other than revising the one novella and short stories, I ended up focusing all of my attention on drafting new stories! I guess this was the year of the muse or something? 😀 My brain just needed a break, I guess, and wanted to focus on new projects instead of the same old ones.

But, this leaves me to wonder what goals I should set for myself for this year. I still have the urge-to-write-new-stories bug, and yet, I also have to stay focused and get Strayborn ready for print.

To make sure I keep focused, I’ll have to keep the plan short to just four items. Anything else that gets accomplished will simply be a bonus. 🙂 And so, based on that reasoning, here is my hopeful writing plan for this year!

Writing Plan for 2019:

  • Complete Strayborn’s final draft, and publish it! Woot!
  • Finish Madness Solver, and publish it in book format.
  • Work on Strayborn’s sequel.
  • Draft the new story idea that’s been floating around in my mind (because that writing bug won’t leave me alone).

It was pretty obvious what the top of the list goal would be this year. 😉 With the book cover already made, Strayborn is going to be my number one focus this year! A lot of work lies ahead: I’d like to have a finished map to insert in the book, draft up and carry out a marketing plan, form a book blog tour, have giveaways, get reviews, and…yeah, it’s a big undertaking!

Everything else on the list is what I hope to get around to, but Strayborn takes priority. I have begun work on Madness Solver, though, so for those of you who’ve been waiting to read the entire story and its conclusion, the time is drawing nearer! Celebrate with me, guys!

What are some of your goals for 2019? Share with us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Here It Is: My Goals (hopes) For 2019! Plus, a look back.

  1. I am so crazy excited about seeing Strayborn come to life in the great wide world! You are so smart to keep your goal list short and your focus strong. Those shiny new ideas are just so sparkly sometimes! 😉 2019 will be an amazing year for you, my friend! I’m cheering you on!


  2. It sounds like you had a productive 2019! I only drafted one novel last year and it took me forever. XD Congrats on getting close to finishing Madness Solver! I’ve wanted to finish drafting my third book of my steampunk fantasy trilogy but I’ve decided to just focus on editing Red Hood to get it ready for submission. I tried juggling the two things in January and February and it just wasn’t working. So after I finish with edits then I’ll go back to it and concentrate on it fully.


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