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It began on a cool, October day…

The floorboards creaked as I walked through the kitchen. Our house is old—the historic kind, built back in the 1800’s. You might think this sounds cool, but in reality it’s drafty, with cracks along the walls and windows, and floors and doors that squeak at the slightest touch. Needless to say, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done—and it’s freezing during the winter.

I went over to the fridge, which is near a wide window along the back of the house. And as I approached, I heard a buzzing sound.

Immediately, my body tensed—I knew that sound. I looked, and saw them.

On the inside of the window were three yellow-jackets—you know, the stinging, bad bee kind. It’s an old window, so it’s not unusual for insects and creepy-crawlies to wiggle through the windowpanes and get indoors, but it still made me shudder. I got the vacuum, sucked them up.

The next day, a few more appeared, and I pointed them out to my mom. When I went out on the deck, I could see there was a group of bees gathering in one spot near the window—probably building a nest there before the cold weather hits. We told my dad. Mom wanted to call someone to get rid of the bees before they could build anything, but my dad never likes to do something until it’s absolutely necessary. So, life continued on as usual.

A few days later, I walk in and there are seven bees in the kitchen—and that was before my mom had sucked up more with the vacuum in the early morning. Needless to say, we taped up the windows—duct tape covering every tiny speck possible to seal the bees out.

There, it was done. The bees couldn’t get in now.

The next day, as I went to get breakfast, I was greeted by over twenty bees swarming all about the kitchen. I freaked out. Grabbing the vacuum like a knight does a sword, I charged stealthily into the battlefield zone and whipped the nozzle left and right, up and down—sucking up bees off the floor, off the fridge, off the ceiling, off the windows. And once I set the vacuum down so I could finally grab some food, I spotted even more bees lining the kitchen counter and sink. And in the ceiling light above me, a swarm was trapped inside the light’s bowl.

I couldn’t. I just grabbed what food and water I could, and ran to the other side of the house and shut all the doors.

Once my parents came back to the house, they saw the cloud of bees that had invaded our once-safe abode. Apparently they weren’t just coming in through the windows. No, it was worse than that.

My mom got out the duct tape, stood on a chair, and tapped around every crack in the walls, the pipes and ceiling, even going around and sealing up the ceiling lights—which looked like a nightmare hive inside. Then we put up a bed sheet to block off the doorway, so the bees couldn’t go venturing into the rest of the house.

Everything was sealed. And yet…the bees continued to pour in.

My parents had to take off a whole day of work, trying to call and find an exterminator. And yes, there were a lot of “We told you so’s” to my dad, too.

Finally, we were able to find one exterminator who could come that day, and when he arrived, he was shocked. He’d never seen anything like this happen. Apparently, the bees weren’t building their nest outside the house, but were coming through a hole into the wall. Because the house is old, the bees were able to then wander about the inside of the wall, and come into the kitchen through all sorts of cracks.

The exterminator sprayed poison into the hole from outside and dusted the entrance, so that every bee going in and out would be poisoned. There was literally nothing else he could do. He told us to call if nothing changed after a few days.

And so, another day of chasing bees and running away from bees passed. My poor mom got stung five times. Then finally, by the next day, we noticed bees were beginning to die. We continued vacuuming for several more days, until the number of bees dwindled down. Dead bees filled the ceiling light bowls, and dying ones crawled along the counter, until at last, no new bees appeared.

I finally felt safe enough to hang about the kitchen and eat a proper meal, but I found myself twitching and jumping at every buzzing sound—anything that remotely resembled a flying insect.

It was late at night when I went into the kitchen for a snack, after things had calmed down. We’d taken down the crazy mess of tape everywhere, and the bed sheet. I sighed, and went over to the counter. Then I noticed something moving.

There, by my foot, crawling across the floor, was a single yellow-jacket.

I grabbed up the vacuum in a determined grip. “This is the end, the final one,” I declared, and sucked up the bee. And that was indeed the final bee in our living nightmare.

I hope.

This story is a part of Jenelle Schmidt’s Spooky Story Challenge 2018 link-up. Mine happened to be a creepy true story, but there are scary fiction stories in the link-up too if you need something more to get you into the October Halloween spirit. 😉

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11 thoughts on “My True Horror Story #scarytruestories

  1. Oooh yikes!!!!!

    We had an infestation of wasps one year. I got stung on my ear when I lay down on my pillow and didn’t realize there was a wasp sitting on it! 😦 It was horrible. Nothing like what you described, though! Wow!!!

    Thanks for taking the challenge! Make sure you put your post URL in the link-up so more readers come your way! And let me know which story you’d like as your prize from the list on my post!

    Liked by 1 person

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