Jesus’ Scars, an Easter #poem

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This poem was written by my mother, and since the theme is on Easter and Jesus’ resurrection, it feels like the perfect time to share it.


Some things in heaven
Are made by man
These are the scars
In my Savior’s hands

He walked the road
To Calvary,
Carried a cross
My soul to free

Pierced with nails
He bore the pain,
There on that cross
He bore the shame.

He died there alone
For me that day
So all of my sins
Would be taken away.

Separated from God
I had been lost
But Jesus came down
And paid the cost.

And buried in
A tomb was He,
A stone rolled forth
Death’s victory.

Later a woman came
To find the tomb
Feeling dread, pain
So full of gloom

But what she saw
Was now not there:
There was no death
No body drear.

She raised her head,
“Our Lord is gone,”
She cheered and said
“Death has not won.”

The stone rolled back
The Lord He rose
He conquered death
And all His foes.

She ran to tell
And news was spread
That Jesus was
No longer dead.

To many He came
And showed His scars
The price He paid for
Sins that were ours,

It’s one thing in heaven
For us to see
Scars made by man
By you, by me.

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