Top 7 Favorite Books Read In 2017

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This is my first attempt at a yearly summary of favorite books. I’m usually a slow reader and don’t have a long enough list to say much for a blog post, but 2017 was one of my better reading years. And while I didn’t reach any major reading goals, I did come across many great books.

I’ve attached links to my reviews on Goodreads. (Some I didn’t get around to writing until this year, even though I’d read them back in 2017. I procrastinate a bit with that 😉 ).

7 Favorite Books Of 2017

The Night Circus, Morgenstern, fantasy books, book, novel, circus, black, red, white,

The Night Circus

This story was like walking through an enchanted dream, I’m not quite sure how to describe it. The circus is itself is like a pocket of another world that travels by train through countries and towns, and can appear nearby you when you least expect it. Of course magic is involved, as the lead characters are magicians of sorts, but it’s told in such a way that it feels possible. And that’s what really drew me into the story’s world. The circus is a wondrous place I wish I could explore, every tent is its own slice of magic filled with surprises, one such being a garden made entirely out of ice. Well done, author Morgenstern!

The Vanishing Throne, Elizabeth May, The Falconer series, books, YA fantasy, high fantasy, fae, Scotland,

The Vanishing Throne (The Falconer #2)

I recently read the final book in this series, and it will remain one of my favorites for a long time. The characters are each so unique and memorable, and the world of the Fae and the landscape of Scotland in the book are so breathtaking, I wish I could travel to the Highlands of Scotland right now and see it for myself!

This Savage Song, Victoria Schwab, book, story, epic reads, must reads, book series,

This Savage Song

I’m a sucker for stories where the monster turns out to be good, if still a bit scary, which is the case with August. He can’t help not being born human, but his heart is far kinder than the actual humans who inhabit the city in this story. There’s a lot of violence and scary scenes, so it’s not for the faint of heart! But this was my first Victoria Schwab read, and I really enjoyed her writing style and the almost dystopian world she crafted.

Assassin's Apprentice, Robin Hobb, epic fantasy, best reads, great reads, must reads, fantasy books, best books, book nerd, goodreads, fantasy market, books,

Assassin’s Apprentice

My first Robin Hobb read. This story was like walking into a real life version of a Medieval fantasy game, filled with every detail you could possibly imagine, and with plenty of subplots and mystery. The boy Fitz’s life is rough and depressing, so be forewarned; and the story is character driven rather than plot driven.

The Iron Queen, Julie Kagawa, books, fey, fae,

The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey #3)

This series by Julie Kagawa grew on me. I wasn’t sure how I felt after the first book. I mean, I loved the world and most of the characters, but Meghan herself got on my nerves a few times. I’m not one to drop a series easily though, and so I pushed through, and now I’m glad I did. Meghan starts to mature, learn, and even though she’s terrible at romance, she does eventually get things figured out. Book #3 focuses more on the coming war with the Iron Fey. And the action and new mysteries revealed here kept me reading nonstop.

Courage Fighting Fear with Fear, Wayne a Mack, Joshua Mack, God, Bible, Christian book, how to fight fear, fear, faith, courage, love, bible study, study book, bible book,

Courage: Fighting Fear With Fear

This is a study book that focuses on one’s relationship with God versus the anxiety and trials of life we face. I found it very encouraging. The study questions at the end of each section are meaningful and help to apply what you learn in your own life. I highly recommend it.

Christian books, faith books, hope, Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground church and their stories of costly faith, the voice of the martyrs,

Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith

Eight women were interviewed about their pasts: their stories of survival in parts of the world that have banned faith in the Bible and have even tried to murder them (sadly, some of their loved ones were murdered). There is graphic violence, since this is a record of their lives and what happened to them and those around them, and it can be disturbing. But this book is also eye-opening and truly amazing, showing how even in the darkest corners of the world God’s love shined through these incredible women. Each story is inspiring and unique, as the women each come from different countries and various ages.

What are some of your favorite books you read in 2017? Share with us in the comments!

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