#poem inspired by The Falconer series

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“What Could Have Been”

A sad smile as the snowflakes fall
Is all that I’m left with as he turns to leave,
As he drifts into the shadows
And the darkness swallows him whole.

What could have been
What would have been
If we’d had a chance
If we’d had a longer life to share
We can never know.
The world is falling apart around us
And we must make a sacrifice to save it
Forfeit our lives so that others may have a future.
And though I am willing to do this
For all those I hold dear,
I can’t help but regret what could have been.

A sad smile as the snowflakes fall
Is all that I can make my lips form
As he drifts into the shadows away from me
And I know the end draws near…

Inspired by The Falconer book series by Elizabeth May, a YA Historical Fantasy. I plan to write more poems based on favorite books this year; I hope you enjoyed this one.

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4 thoughts on “#poem inspired by The Falconer series

  1. Feels so sad and full of regret. I haven’t read the book, but I really like this poem. And I think writing poetry inspired by favourite books is a really good idea. A unique take on fanfiction. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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