In Remembrance

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Another loved one has departed this year, just after Christmas, my grandma Nancy. This is dedicated to her:

“In Remembrance”

Sweet and thoughtful,
Always there to give an encouraging word,
Never harsh, even to those who were unkind
But wanting peace and love for all peoples.

A lover of nature,
When she looked out the window
She saw the beauty of God’s creation,
The good and wonderful things of His world.
The birds and squirrels she loved to watch
As they played about the yard.
She’d tell me stories of the robin who nested in the backyard tree
And the squirrels who kept trying to take their birdseed.

A caring heart,
She loved to have family over, and cook for us
And serenade us with her amazing talent for the piano,
And grandpa would accompany her by playing the saw
—yes, with a bow he made the edge of the saw blade sing,
The funniest thing you would ever hear!

Never short of encouragement
Grandma pushed me to keep writing.
And even when something I wrote wasn’t all that great
She didn’t see the faults in it but smiled and looked forward to reading more.

She was a special part of me
And though she can no longer be with me here
I know she’s still cheering me on
From the pearly gates of heaven with Jesus.

I love you, Grandma, and I await the day when I will see you again!


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14 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. This reminds me of the poems I wrote for each of my grandparents when they passed away. None of them were meant for publication – they were just for the family, to keep and to remember.

    So sorry this happened around the holidays, E. I hope you and your family are doing OK and will continue to find strength and comfort in your memories. *hugs*

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