Frozen Garden by E.E. Rawls – Day 11 Advent 2017 

Today I’m a guest over at Solveig Werner’s blog, as part of her annual Advent Calendar! Every day in December there is a new blog post relating to the Christmas season and winter-time. My contribution is this poem.

Solveig Werner

Frozen Garden by E.E. Rawls

Day 11 Advent 2017

“Frozen Garden”

I stand in the snow
In the garden that has turned into a world of white.
All is silent
No birds, no singing crickets
Nothing but the tiny bubbling of a frozen creak
As its waters battle to flow beneath the ice.
There are no colors around me but white
And the dark bark of trees that have fallen into slumber.
I feel alone in the silence, the stillness, the colorlessness
As if I am the only living thing that remains
As if death has taken away everyone and everything I’ve known.
The cold air bites at my skin
And I pull my scarf closer.
Winter reminds me of solitude, a beautiful sadness
And the inevitability of death
The ice freezing over living things until they surrender.
I shudder, and my exhale is like a puff of smoke in…

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Garden by E.E. Rawls – Day 11 Advent 2017 

    • Thank you! I live in an area that’s covered in snow much of the winter. Though I don’t like the cold, snow has a unique beauty and magic all its own that manages to find its way into what I write. 🙂

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