The Grumpy Wizard

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I wrote a fun short story for you today, for the #MakeTheVillainAHero challenge posted over on Tales From a Modern Bard! Enjoy. 🙂

“The Grump Wizard”

 by E.E. Rawls

The old wizard stared down at the village tucked in the valley. For years he’d been helping the villagers—increasing their crops, curing illness, bringing sunny skies, and much more. But what thanks had he gotten for it? Gossip—rumors that his beard was really a horse’s tail, that his ugly hat had fallen under a curse—and unease from the villagers who avoided him like the mosquito plague.

“I’ll show this ungrateful lot,” he growled on his doorstep overlooking the valley. Palms raised to the sky, the blue above turned gray as clouds rolled in. Darker and darker it became, with the boom of thunder and the patter of rain. The wizard chuckled evilly to himself, and shuffled back inside his lopsided abode.

It rained and it rained. Every day in the valley village was rain, from then on. Outdoors fun was drenched to a stop, gossipers couldn’t hang out and gossip, people grew gloomy and bitter. The sunshine had gone, and with it happiness, for months and months. The wizard grinned down from his abode, relishing the villagers’ miserable state. But little did he know that… Read the rest of the story HERE.

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6 thoughts on “The Grumpy Wizard

  1. That’s a lovely story. 🙂 I’m glad the wizard made a friend, I hope he continues to make friends and stop being so lonely. The villagers shouldn’t have made fun of him though – those that did deserved the rain.

    Liked by 1 person

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