It’s been a long two weeks for me and my family. If you read the short post two Saturdays ago, I mentioned that my grandfather’s health had declined. We live quite a few states away from him, so we drove down to see him (two days drive), fearing he might pass away (driving turned out cheaper than flying).

I got to see my grandfather the day we arrived, and though he was very weak, he did smile and managed to speak a few words. I got to spend the day with him, not knowing that it was the last I’d see him alive. He told the doctor he was ready to leave this world and be with the Lord, and so they took out the IVs and moved him to hospice care. I hugged him goodbye that evening, thinking we would see him the next day too, but in the night his body failed and he passed away.

The funeral was Wednesday, and I got to meet the people who had known grandpa for many years and hear stories about his life and all the things he’d done. It was a special time. I know grandpa is glad to be in heaven, and I’ll be glad when I get to see him there, but in the meantime he is missed by all of his family here.

Me and my family have now returned to our house, and it’s a strange feeling to be back after so much has happened within those two weeks we were away; it feels like we’ve been gone a month or longer. I guess that’s how it is when so much happens during an emotional time.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for me and my family. It means more than I can say. ❤

24 thoughts on “Update

  1. It’s never easy to lose grandparents. Your story here reminds me a bit of the last time I saw my maternal grandfather: My mother was already in Maine, and the rest of us (me, Dad, and my younger brother) drove up on a Friday morning, spent most of the day in the nursing home with Grampa, aunts, uncles, and cousins… and then we had just gone to bed for the night when we got the news that he had passed away.

    Anyways, just wanted to repeat that I know the feeling, and that the time with your family and the people you met at the funeral brought you some comfort. (*hugs*)

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