Mischevious Silmaril Top Five Results, Now It’s Up To YOU To Choose Who Is Worthy!

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The results for the first round of nominations are in!

Here are the top five now up for the Most Mischievous Imp Silmaril:

Peter Pan (11). The boy we will always know from Neverland, who never wanted to grow up. His mischief has caused Wendy and many others grief.
Walter from Dragons In Our Midst (10). Best known for his sense of humor and jokes, but he’s also a noble young man and a Boy Scout.
Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (9). The most mischevious of all fairies, instigating problem after problem, and making others’ lives more difficult in interesting ways.
Loki from Norse Mythology (8). If you don’t know of him yet, then you need to catch up on the Marvel’s Thor movies and Avengers. 😉 Dastardly, sneaky, and very much an imp among imps!
Fred and George Weasley (as a pair) from Harry Potter (6). Always up to something, and sneaking about, looking for a way to make some fun and get good laughs. You wouldn’t want these twins on your bad side!
Now vote here on the form linked below for your favorite character choice for this Silmaril out of these top 5:


For more info or questions, see Jenelle’s blog. She’s one of the founders of this fun event, and has the schedule and all the links. You can also refer back to last Monday’s post here.

Ah yes, and one more thing. There’s a Scavenger Hunt for the Grand Prize now running, and you must visit each blog on the schedule to find each “line” hidden within them.

Did you see the full moon out last night? It’s fascinating to contemplate the moon and stars… Like the crystal of diamonds shimmering bright

See DJ Edwardson’s blog for the next hidden “line” in the scavenger hunt for your chance to win the Grand Prize!

7 thoughts on “Mischevious Silmaril Top Five Results, Now It’s Up To YOU To Choose Who Is Worthy!

  1. Can you imagine if they were in a room together? 😉 That would be a mess. XD

    ❤ Thanks for doing this Elise. ❤ 🙂


  2. Wow, this is such a great list of candidates. All so mischievous but lovable in their own way. And like Rebekah said, having them all in one room together would be a MESS! LOL.


  3. Ok, so normally I’d vote for Loki but part of me says “He’s not reaaaaally a book character in the form that you know him.” But on the other hand, Loki.

    Maybe I’ll just vote for Walter. I like Walter.


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