What My Favorite Stories Have In Common

Are these commonalities present in my writing? Are they present in your writing?

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Some of you may remember the post I wrote last year on discovering what our favorite reads have in common. My friend and fellow writer Sara Letourneau took this a step further and compared her findings to her own writing, to see if there were any similarities. I would now like to do the same with my writing, and see how my list compares!

A list of what my favorite stories have in common:

  • Character growth
  • Conflicts
  • Strong bonds
  • Sweet tragedy
  • The ancient, the unknown, the myths and legends
  • A world containing different humanoid races
  • Battle scenes with ancient weapons and magic spells
  • A touch of fun humor
  • Redemption
  • A truly wicked main villain

I’ve added to the list since last year as I discovered more items my favorites have in common. I should show you what some of these favorite stories are that I keep mentioning, so here are just a few of them:

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Now to see how this compares to my current WIP series, V.Chronicles. To see if any or all of the things on the list above appear in my writing:

  • Character growth: One of the key ingredients to a good story, in my opinion. My protagonist Cyrus undergoes change when she is forced to leave what once had been her hometown, and must grow as a person. Several sub characters are also given character growth attention, and show changes as the story progresses.
  • Conflicts: There are conflicts galore! How could there not be when Cyrus is forced to live in disguise among her elf race’s enemies? Every new friendship has the potential for conflict if her true identity becomes known. Besides that, there’s also conflict on the humorous side as character Aken gets her into several troubling situations… XD
  • Strong bonds: Closely nit bonds between characters are what I love to see in a story, and “friendship/family bonds” are a main theme in my series. It’s a tough road for Cyrus as she seeks to find where she belongs in her world, and it’s close bonds with others that keep her going.
  • Sweet tragedy: Cyrus’s mother was murdered years ago, when she was very young. It haunts her to this day, and is an unsolved mystery she longs to find answers to.
  • The ancient, the unknown, the myths and legends: The main plot of the series is based on an old legend from Cyrus’s world. A legend that she will soon find herself become a part of… I can’t give away any more clues than that though!
  • A world containing different humanoid races: Did I mention that Cyrus is half-elf? It’s no surprise to me that V.Chronicles is filled with many humanoid races, as I’ve long been a fan of stories like The Lord of the Rings, which are brimming with different peoples of all kinds! My series includes elves, goblins, dragons, fairies and more—each with my own unique twist to them.
  • Battle scenes with ancient weapons and magical spells: While there isn’t “magic” exactly, there are different ways of performing spells. Ancient weapons also abound, as they are a crucial part of the old legend I mentioned earlier. And really, who doesn’t love an awesome weapon for fights and battle scenes? 😉
  • A touch of fun humor: Ah, yes. Me and humor. Embarrassing and awkward moments make some of my favorite humorous scenes in stories, lol. You’ll see some of that in V.Chronicles.
  • Redemption: For me this is another special ingredient in the list of stories I love, and it’s one of the main themes of my series.
  • A truly wicked main villain: Ooh yes! The main villain is wicked indeed! While he/she is not present in the first book, he/she is throughout the series. And no, I cannot tell you who he/she is right now, because that is part of the surprise later on… 😉 (authors like to keep secrets, mwuahaha).

Looking back at this list, it seems that all of my favorites aspects of a story are also present in what I write. How about you? What do some of your favorite stories have in common? Is your list’s ingredients also present in the stories you write?

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13 thoughts on “What My Favorite Stories Have In Common

  1. Isn’t it fascinating to see how the things you love most about your favorite stories emerge in your own writing? It takes a bit of critical thinking and detective work to see it, but it goes to show how much the stories we read influence us as writers.

    I have a somewhat similar topic I want to write about soon at the blog (after I get through a few other ideas first, of course *lol*). It’s inspired by an article at Jami Gold’s website on other things that may have influenced our writing. Here’s the link, if you’re curious: http://jamigold.com/2015/02/whats-influenced-your-writing/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jami Gold is right, there are many experiences and situations in our lives that influence what we write. I believe StoriTori wrote a post on that similar topic as well, how travel can influence a writer. I know it’s true for me that my experiences living in Italy have influenced my writing, and perhaps inspired it to begin with.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. An interesting list. I think my list would be quite similar. I’m not so fond of battle scenes though. Some are done well, but they’re not really in my writing. My favourite has to be ancient legends though. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh, character growth is very muchly important to me too! As I a reader, I love reading well-developed characters, and as a writer, I love seeing all my characters grow and change. 🙂
    Also, humor. So, so, much humor. XD Most of the characters that I like are either really witty or humorous. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Character growth is so important. It’s one of the things I hear both readers and writers alike value most, and I agree!
      Humor is a must for me too! Whether they are witty or downright ridiculous. 🙂
      Thank you for commenting, Madeline. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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