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Is it just me, or did July fly by really fast? Not to mention the year in general—it’s already August! Where did it all go? I blinked and it was over. But July went well. I got some things finished writing-wise, and the Silmarillion Awards were fun to participate in! I’m on a trip to visit some relatives and friends right now, so I’ll have to make this post shorter than usual.


Writing Progress: “V. Chronicles” the dastardly behemoth WIP

Draft #4 is finished, and I’m 30 pages through Draft #5! *happy dance* There is so much more I wish I could tell you, but it’ll have to wait until I get back. Later this year I’ll be looking for beta-readers and ARC readers!

Happenings On The Blog

The Silmarillion Awards concluded! Click the link to see who won the Best Fantasy Weapon Award,


Currently reading: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. It’s been interesting so far. The world is unique, and probably my favorite part about it. I’ll review it here once I’m done!

Book reviews I hope to add on Goodreads:

  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
  • Making Money by TP


Star Trek Beyond, Spok, vulcan, Kirk, star trek series, sci-fi series, sci-fi movie, fantasy, fan,

Yes, I saw Star Trek Beyond! And it was AWESOME. To me, it came close to being as good as the 1st movie. I’m not saying that everything in the plot was perfect, but it had so many fun moments, real humor between characters, great graphics, an interesting villain, and a new planet, with a new alien woman who was quite cool. It just had that Star Treky TV series feel, I don’t know how else to describe it, like you were joining the characters for yet another space adventure. It wasn’t trying to be overly grand, or wow you at every moment, but instead it let you reconnect with the crew in heart-warming ways. I definitely recommend it. 🙂


♦ The Blogiversary! To celebrate this blog being 2 years old, later this August let’s have an interview! YOU dear readers may ask me any questions you want, and I will do my best to answer them!

♦ I also want to write up a Behind the Scenes post to reveal my WIP’s new title this month or next!
Note: Those who subscribe to my Newsletter will get first look at the new Title and a special written piece from the V.Chronicles series!

♦ More Madnes Solver on the way, and whatever else time allows!

Well, that’s about it for now. How was your July? Did you see Star Trek Beyond or any other movies?

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19 thoughts on “My July Happenings, 2016 #monthlywrapup #booknerd #authorblog

  1. A-ha, so we both saw Star Trek Beyond last month! I thought it was pretty good, too.

    What are you focusing on for Draft #5 of the WIP? Also, looking forward to the title reveal.

    When do you think you might be ready for beta-readers? I’d be happy to volunteer, but probably not until after Labor Day, once all the busyness from WDC and my friend’s wedding has passed.

    And I’ll be interested in your review of Mistborn. I’ve been meaning to read Brandon Sanderson’s work for a while, and that’s one book I’ve had my eye on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a fun watch!
      Draft #5 is paragraph polishing and making sure the changes I made last draft are working well.
      At the rate I’m going, maybe October/November it’ll be ready for beta-readers? That’s my guess right now, but of course that could change. Thank you, Sara! I’ll add you to my beta-readers list. 🙂
      Mistborn has been interesting so far; hopefully I’ll finish it this month. This is the first work of Sanderson that I’ve read, and I’m liking his style.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope writing is going smoothly for you! 🙂
    Ooh, I’ve been curious about Mistborn, can’t wait to read your review! ❤ Also curious about the new Star Trek… I think my parents watched the newer one, but not the sequel, Into Darkness. I'll have to check it out! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s not just you. This year has gonna by reallllyy fast. YES! STAR TREK BEYOND! I LOOOOOOVED IT! It was awesome! I’m a huge trekkie. XD


    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’ve accomplished so much in July! Yay for you 🙂 And Happy Blog Anniversary When did you start writing?
    > On the off days (periods of writer’s block), what helps you to get back to writing again?
    > What is your daily writing schedule?


    • Thank you, Heena! I first started writing stories when I was six years old (childish silly stories, lol), and I’ve been dreaming up stories and writing them down for years since then. 🙂
      On off days, I need to read a good book to help me get back into the creative spirit and write. Sometimes I will also browse through artwork on Google to get my writer’s imagination flowing again.
      My best time to work on my current WIP is late afternoon through evening. I sometimes skip TV or internet time at night to write/revise as well.
      What do you do when you have off days/writer’s block?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww… that is so adorable! And wow, I wish I had started writing when I was young, but it took me a while to understand what being a writer really meant (and the fact that it was possible in the first place. Lol.)
        And that’s good to know. I like evening writing sessions too… they are very different than writing at any other time.
        Thanks for answering my questions 🙂 It’s so good to know more about you ❤
        To fight off writer's block, I also indulge in a good book, also, I go for walks (and if possible jogging.) I try not to push myself to write, so more often than not when I'm having my off days I simply do other things – social media, Netflix binge watching, etc. It goes away on its own in a couple of days (at least most of the time.) 🙂 Thanks for asking!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you. 🙂 Back then as a child, I’m not sure I knew what being a writer meant either, except that I liked writing stories, haha.
          Going for walks sounds like a nice refreshing way to get your writer’s mind working again.
          I’ll answer your questions more in the Interview post. (at first I didn’t realize you had meant them for that, haha. I think my mind was elsewhere at the time. 🙂 ). ❤

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Somehow the first comment got messed up. Sorry. Here it is again:

    You’ve accomplished so much in July! Yay for you 🙂 And Happy Blog Anniversary When did you start writing?
    > On the off days (periods of writer’s block), what helps you to get back to writing again?
    > What is your daily writing schedule?


  6. Jeez… Somehow the previous one also got messed up. Sorry. Here it is again:

    You’ve accomplished so much in July! Yay for you 🙂 And Happy Blog Anniversary! My questions for you (if you’re still accepting them) are:
    1. When did you start writing?
    2. On the off days (periods of writer’s block), what helps you to get back to writing again?
    3. What is your daily writing schedule?

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