“War’s End” & “Trapped” #haiku #poems

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I took this prompt from a previous week. 🙂 Haiku for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge–a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Flag & Fallen.

“War’s End”
The red banner waved,
Fallen towers littering
A scorched land’s expanse.
Winds tore at the flag
Rain fell against her wool hat
No way to get home.

© 2016 E. E. Rawls and Rawls E. Fantasy

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How to read a haiku as 2 separate sentences:
Energy reined in, She prepares for the grim quest,
She prepares for the grim quest, Skull Island ahead.

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4 thoughts on ““War’s End” & “Trapped” #haiku #poems

  1. I am so curious about the girl in the second one. Where is she? Why can’t she get home? The first one has an epic image to it.


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