Polyphemus In The Sunset #WeeklySmile

The evening was warm, and I stood out on the deck watching sunset colors tinge wisps of clouds pink. Something flew over the roof as I eyed the sky. Large wings flapped, it must be a bird. But something wasn’t right, the way it glided and its wings curved, reminding me of something from a fairytale.

I blinked and stared closer. The shape of four wings became clear, and I knew what it was. The size of a small bird, but it was a giant moth: a polyphemus, like the photo below from Wikipedia. I wish I’d had my camera and could have gotten close, but it was soaring high like a swallow and drifted to the treetops of the woods before vanishing.

It was one of those sights that reminds you there are still wonders left in the world, waiting for you to discover—and perhaps you don’t have to look further than your backyard.

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What was your weekly smile?

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#WeeklySmile is a weekly link-up event hosted by Trent McDonald, with the purpose of helping us remember the more positive things that happen in life and to help spread the smiles around.

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30 thoughts on “Polyphemus In The Sunset #WeeklySmile

  1. Nice! I’ve moths like that once or twice, mostly in Maine. They would come out at night and perch on the side of Grammie’s house, under the spotlight that shone over the driveway and side door. And some would still be there in the morning, so we’d take pictures of them.

    My weekly smile… Maybe having last Monday off from work? *lol* What can I say? I like holidays and other days off. 🙂

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    • Days off work sounds like a fabulous weeklysmile to me! 🙂 That’s really cool you got to see those large moths often. I rarely find them here, but then again I never go looking at night or early morning. It is very forested here though, so maybe they prefer the trees to our light. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like a beautiful site. I saw the first of the summer’s butterflies the other day and that made me smile. Along with the sun actually being out this morning! 🙂

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      • I looked twice when I saw the word hurricane. They’re not a common thing over here. Did it come really near you?
        Unfortunately my nice warm weather has gone and it’s cool and rainy again. I wish I lived somewhere always nice and warm. :/

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      • No, just regular sized butterflies and moths over here. And even when we lived in Australia they weren’t that big where we were, although there was one species of moth I loved because it was fluffy – fluffy face, body and antennae. I used to call them ‘teddy moths’ and both my daughter and I loved them. We did get one fairly large butterfly with sort of peacock ‘eyes’ on the wings, really glorious. But nothing giant. That was saved for the spiders, unfortunately.

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