Which One Do You Look Forward To Reading? #FishingForAnswers

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Sometimes an author has questions, and the best person to answer them is YOU. I am eager to hear your thoughts through the poll and comments below!

The Question:

What do you look forward to most from an author’s newsletter?

Update’s about their life?

Updates about their books?

Giveaways, free stuff?

Their recommendations?

Extras, like short stories?

It may be hard to choose just one thing, but you can mention more choices in the comments. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Which One Do You Look Forward To Reading? #FishingForAnswers

  1. I said updates about books, because with the newsletters that I subscribe to, that is the information I am most interested in reading. I also enjoy behind-the-page glimpses of their writing process, info about giveaways and special sales and things just for newsletter subscribers, and short stories or “extras.” I also enjoy hearing about the writer’s life… but I find more authors put that stuff in their blogs than in newsletters.

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    • That’s good to know. I often debate what to put in just the newsletters and what to write on the blog. So perhaps updates, giveaways/sales, and extras should be saved for the newsletter? Thank you for commenting, Jenelle!


  2. I voted for books. I think that’s the main reason I subscribe to newsletters, and probably the main thing I’d put in mine. If I had one. 🙂

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    • I make these questions hard, don’t I? 😉 I won’t pretend I don’t enjoy it. 😀
      It’s hard for me to decide too, honestly. I think like you said though, I enjoy an author’s life updates as well as story extras and book updates. 🙂

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