Dandelion Fun #WeeklySmile


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artwork by Robin Wight

Me and my dad went outside on the lawn Sunday, which is covered in dandelions right now. There was a heavy breeze, so I plucked a dandelion that had turned into a white puff of parachute seeds and blew on it. The breeze pushed the seeds towards my dad, and he tried to dodge them as they clung to his clothes. Like a little kid again, I picked up more and blew, angling it so more would blow on him.

He tried to blow some at me, but the wind drove them back into him instead, and I laughed. He then tried to throw the stems at me like little spears. He was a bad aim and missed me each time. But I retaliated, and my dandelion stalk spears hit their mark with each throw. Who says a woman can’t be a great spear thrower? 😉

No matter what age, we can have fun moments when we’re like a kid again, and I think that’s special.

What was your weekly smile?

(The amazing art above is from Spectacular Fairy Sculptures made of wire.)

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#WeeklySmile is a weekly link-up event hosted by Trent McDonald, with the purpose of helping us remember the more positive things that happen in life and to help spread the smiles around.

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14 thoughts on “Dandelion Fun #WeeklySmile

  1. 🙂 It’s good to let your inner child come out and play now and then, isn’t it? I liken it to therapy (in a good way) in that it keeps you in touch with the things you love or the things that fascinate you, and gives you boundless reasons to be happy.

    My weekly smile was all day on Saturday. I went to Boston’s North End with two friends to scope out possible restaurants for another friend’s bachelorette party. Lots of walking, delicious food, and wonderful company. We also visited the Boston Public Market at Haymarket Square, where they sell all kinds of goods from all over New England. Cheese, meats, seafood, produce, tableware, condiments, confections – and tea!

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    • I agree! 🙂
      Oh Haymarket Square is fun! I haven’t spent enough time to walk all through it yet, but I’d like to. That sounds like a wonderful day, Sara! What restaurant did you end up choosing for the party?

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      • I have a few restaurants in mind (Mare, Euno, Lucca, and one more whose name isn’t coming to me at the moment…). The next thing I need to do is email the other bridesmaids (who live in Florida) with my suggestions and website links, and see which ones they like best. My goal is to put in a reservation for dinner at least a couple weeks before the party, since it’s alllllllways hopping down at the North End.

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  2. I love your smile for the week. That sounds like such fun.

    I’ve had a ton of smiles this week, and it’s only Tuesday! My dad and sister came a couple hours out of their way to visit us on their way home to WA from TN and then stayed for an entire day instead of leaving in the late morning yesterday. Getting to go on an hour-long bike ride with my sister (something we haven’t been able to do in probably 8 or more years!) Hanging out with my Daddy and talking about books, movies, music, and house plans. My sister playing her guitar and singing for us last night, surrounded by very happy nieces and nephew. 🙂

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  3. A wonderful moment you’ve described here. It’s always good to let your inner child out to play now and again. I’m often doing it. 🙂

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