Do You Like Your Heroes Rare, Medium, Or Well-done? #FishingForAnswers

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Sometimes an author has questions, and the best person to answer them is YOU. I am eager to hear your thoughts through the poll and comments below!

There are many different types of heroes, and we want to know which type is your favorite.

The Question:

How do you like your heroes?

Rare: Has many issues, can be unfeeling and uncaring, almost an anti-hero, though they ultimately help save the day in the end.

Medium: Sometimes awkward, still learning, often fails though they try to succeed. Their heart isn’t always in the right place, but they want to improve.

Well-done: While they may not be perfect, they are brave and honest, and willing to sacrifice their life for their cause or belief. Their heart is in the right place, and they always manage to succeed.

*These are just a few examples, but feel free to add more and discuss your favorite heroes in the comments section and why you like them!

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23 thoughts on “Do You Like Your Heroes Rare, Medium, Or Well-done? #FishingForAnswers

  1. Well…. I’ve never thought to compare heroes to meat temperatures before. *lol* But I see what you’re getting at here. It’s in terms of where they are growth-wise / personality-wise.

    This was hard, tbh. I ended up picking “Well Done,” but was also considering “Medium.” Heroes don’t have to be perfect, but I have trouble related to anti-heroes sometimes. It really depends on the character and what their goal is, I guess.


  2. I was torn between medium and well done (great terms by the way 😀 ). But medium pulled me in the end. All types are interesting though.

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  3. As someone who cooks A LOT, food usually enters into my descriptions – but I still hadn’t thought of comparing heroes to meat, lol. Nice one!
    I picked Medium, naturally – which surprised no one. 🙂 These polls are a really fun idea!

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    • Mwahaha! I couldn’t resist. Thanks. 😉
      I can picture you as a Medium type. 😉 I think I’m stuck in the middle between Medium and Well-done, but if forced to choose, it’d probably be Medium.


  4. A mix of medium and well done, to be honest, though when I ate meat I always preferred my steak rare! 🙂 A bit of conflict and struggle goes a long way, and sometimes that can be internal, rather than caused by external factors.

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  5. Ooh, this is a hard question! I think it just really depends for me. Sometimes I enjoy an anti-hero of sorts (like Loki or even Bucky), but other times I really like a good guy fighting for what’s right (aka Captain America). 🙂

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  6. This is a really great question and one I’ve asked more in the context of reading rather than writing. I enjoy a mix of medium and well done when I write.

    I’m not as compelled by characters I find too difficult to like, those who are apathetic or selfish. I have mixed feelings about characters like Katness, which is why I found out difficult to really get into the Hunger Games until I suffered to get to the third book. If the character has too far to go I may not hang on long enough to experience the satisfying payoff.

    Though I would have to agree with madelinejrose that I do enjoy an anti-hero when it comes to villains.

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    • “I’m not as compelled by characters I find too difficult to like” That’s a good point, Alina. We can’t like a hero if they don’t appeal to us in some way.
      “I may not hang on long enough to experience the satisfying payoff.” That’s good info for any writer to keep in mind. We don’t want to make our readers hang on for a long time before the hero becomes the likable, amazing person they’ve been waiting to see. As a reader myself that can annoy me too.
      Thank you for your input, Alina!

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    • It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? I’m stuck between Medium and Well-done. I think you’re right though: it depends on the story. I do always like to see some improvement to the hero by the end of a story. How about you?

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  7. I’m a sucker for the sacrificial hero. Some of my protagonists could be considered antiheroes, but I think the thing that separates them from other antiheroes is their sacrificial nature. A hero who sacrifices is a hero after my heart.

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    • “A hero who sacrifices is a hero after my heart.”
      Same here. For me, that is the ultimate type of hero. I guess either one of these hero choices could become sacrificial heroes. Like you said, even antiheroes. And in that case, I might like all three types.

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  8. Clever 🙂

    I definitely prefer my heroes well-done. That doesn’t mean they have to be perfect (I prefer Batman to Superman, for example) – but they do have to be essentially “good” and not all wishy-washy about it. Now, I love it when there are “supporting heroes” who may be more on the medium or rare side… because that can cause interesting things to happen in the story. But if I can’t root for the main characters, or I find myself more interested in rooting for the villain… I feel there is something seriously wrong with the story and will probably go find something else to read or watch (this is why, though I enjoy Ocean’s 11… I find movies like it and Italian Job extremely difficult to watch… because I’m being manipulated into rooting for the villains, and I don’t appreciate that).

    I have a huge soft spot for a good redemption story, though, so if a hero starts out a little more on the rare or medium side and then moves on to well-done… well, that’s probably going to always end up near my “top favorites” list. 😉

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    • A hero that isn’t perfect but is “essentially “good” and not all wishy-washy about it,” yes, that’s what I would consider a Well-done hero to be, too. 🙂
      I agree with you, the audience should be cheering for the main hero or else there’s a problem with the story. I’ve found myself many times liking the side characters, or even a villain, more than the main hero, and that ruins the point of the story. It’s something we have to consider as writers when we create our stories.
      I like what you pointed out here too, Jenelle: A hero can start out as a terrible person (on the Rare side), but then grow into the Medium and then Well-done hero by the end. Some of the best stories are made that way. I like a good redemption story. 🙂


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