It’s Finally Warm! Yes, I’m Excited. #WeeklySmile

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Spring has been a long time coming here, in northern New England. Weeks of cold and rain, and not a leaf bud in sight. But since May arrived, it’s gotten mildly warmer, enough for the flowers to bloom, though not as full as they have been previous years. I heard on the news that this spring is 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year (10 degrees! ugh). All combined, it dampened my spirits; spring is one of my favorite seasons.

But just this Saturday the temperature soared, and as if on cue leaf buds everywhere sprouted, painting the world in vibrant greens, and at last it truly felt like spring (or dare I say summer?)! I brought my laptop out to the porch and soaked in the sun’s rays while revising my current WIP project, and it was warm and relaxing. One positive thing during a week that otherwise wasn’t so good.

What I like about this weeklysmile meme is that it forces me to think about the good things that happen each week. It’s too easy to focus and dwell on the negative. I would much rather think of the good things, and remember what made me smile.

What was your weekly smile?

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#WeeklySmile is a weekly link-up event hosted by Trent McDonald, with the purpose of helping us remember the more positive things that happen in life and to help spread the smiles around.

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43 thoughts on “It’s Finally Warm! Yes, I’m Excited. #WeeklySmile

  1. It looks like we were smiling about the same thing this week, that spring finally arrived in New England. It has had the opposite effect on me though – I have a lot of revising/rewriting to do and avoid it by spending all of my time outside without a laptop.

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  2. Wasn’t Saturday glorious?? 😀 I was on Cape Cod with my parents and had dinner at Sesuit Harbor Cafe, which overlooks Sesuit Harbor in Dennis. All of their seating is outdoors, so we ate by the harbor with clear views of the boats and the beach in the distance. And that would be part of my weekly smile: spending the weekend with my parents at their new home. 🙂

    Sorry to hear the rest of your week hadn’t been so good, btw. *hugs*

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    • Oh yes!! Ah, Cape Cod must have been beautiful that day! If I’m ever down there, I’ll have to try Sesuit Harbor Cafe. 🙂 That sounds like a perfect weekend, Sara, I’m glad you were able to enjoy it with your parents. Is their home all finished now?
      Thank you, *hugs back*. ❤

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      • No, the house isn’t finished. :/ They were hoping everything would be done by the end of April, so that’s how long they signed the condo-rental lease for. But it wasn’t, and they had to move in regardless. Most of the major projects are done, though; they just have to finish painting, get the rest of the electrical work done, and finish the master bathroom.

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  3. Funny how spring sunshine puts a spring in your step! 🙂
    We’ve had a slow start to spring, too, but it’s warming up and budding trees are filling in and the daffodils and tulips raise their little faces to the sun. This week’s forecast promise splendid temps.

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  4. It’s been warm for awhile here, but granted I am a little further south than you. 😉

    My weekly smile probably has to be that I don’t have to go to school at all for the next two weeks and get a chance to do some writing!

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  5. We’re smiling about the same thing this week. Spring sprang over here in WI, too! And I’m excited about it simply for the fact that for the first time in 10 years, I’m excited about warmer temperature… because I actually had a nice, long, cold, snowy winter (that everyone here says was pretty mild, actually). Also, everyone seems to be getting healthy here, so that’s making me smile.

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    • Yay! I’m glad to hear spring is traveling all around now! We did get an odd arctic blast for a while, but I hope this means spring will stay for good. Warm and health, two of the best things. ^_^ I can’t wait to plant this old barrel we have in front of the house! We fill it with flowers every year, but have to make sure all the cold nights are over for good first. Do you have any spring traditions? 🙂


      • Hmmm, spring traditions usually include… forgiving my Cubbies for last year’s epic fail. Maybe planting some flowers or veggies (and then watching the experiment fail epically when the summer gets too hot for me to want to be outside… not this year though because 1) we don’t have a yard because: apartment and 2) summers here shouldn’t reach those ridiculously hot temps). Um… lots of being outside and finishing up the school year.

        How about you?

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        • Haha, we’ve given up on the veggie planting for that same reason! Plus the soil isn’t that great and chipmunks and deer get at it. We did try tomatoes in a large pot on the deck, and that did work. If you have a windowsill maybe you could pot a few herbs and things along it?
          I’m glad you won’t have to deal with super hot temps. It gets in the 90s here on the hottest days, but nowhere near above 100 like other places across the country.
          Now is when we get to fixing up the flower garden and this huge barrel that sits out by the door. We just planted it with flowers yesterday! Now is also the time for cleaning and yard sales (I have so much stuff to get rid of, it’s ridiculous), and making lots of iced coffee, haha. And now that it’s warm, I can be outside while I type away at my laptop. 🙂 It’s also the time when I realize that my wardrobe consists of nothing but sweaters and I have to go shopping for short sleeves.


  6. Haha you’re happy that’s it’s warm! I’m happy that it’s unusually cold for this time of year down in the south. It’s been lovely 70s instead of gross 80s and 90s. XD

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  7. Spring is teasing us over here. It keeps coming and then going again. :/

    My weekly smile was applying for a course in September. I’m scared, but kind of excited as well. Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. 🙂

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