“Storm’s Wonder” & “Battle’s Tide” #Haiku

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My haikus for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge–a fun activity and contest that is open for everyone to participate, and helps keep our creative writer’s mind active! This week’s words are: Lightning & Rain.

“Storm’s Wonder”
Lightning grazes down
A kiss upon the bare earth
Rain promises life.
“Battle’s Tide”
His sword like lightning
Enemies flee his swift strength
Until arrows rain…

© 2016 E. E. Rawls and Rawls E. Fantasy

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How to read a haiku as 2 separate sentences:
Lightning grazes down, A kiss upon the bare earth
A kiss upon the bare earth, Rain promises life.

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8 thoughts on ““Storm’s Wonder” & “Battle’s Tide” #Haiku

  1. Nice job once again, E. 🙂 I like how the first one touches on death and rebirth / life. The lightning may have damaged the spot of land where it struck, but nature always has a way of healing itself.

    Liked by 1 person

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