The Icicle Woman of Japan #AtoZChallenge

This is part of the A-to-Z blog challenge for April. My theme is legends and legendary creatures (both real and fiction). I hope you enjoy following along!

Tsurara Onna

The Japanese tale of the “Icicle Woman.”

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Deep in the forest, a lonely young man stared out his cabin window into a cold winter day. An icicle hanging down from the roof grabbed his attention and he gazed into it, wishing that he was not alone–wishing for a female companion.

Later on, that wish was granted. A woman of surpassing beauty knocked on his door, and upon seeing her he instantly fell in love. The two become a married couple, and for a while everything seemed fine, until the man noticed that his wife hadn’t taken a bath since the day they met… He was concerned (eek, yeah obviously) and questioned her about it.

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She brushed the matter aside and insisted that she didn’t need baths. Indeed she always looked beautiful, and never had a stench, but the man couldn’t accept this (who could?). So he continued to insist, day after day, until the woman grew weary of arguing with him.

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She finally agreed to take a bath while the young man fixed supper. He was pleased, and soon had a nice meal ready. He waited for her to come out of the bath. Waited, and waited. An hour passed, and he grew anxious, knocking on the door. When no one answered, he entered the bath room, but only to find it empty… Empty of all but a few shards of ice in the bath.

The woman was made from the icicle and had melted in the water, and was gone…
(So sad!)

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I know, I know, cry it out. Why must these folklore tales have such sad endings?

This is why you don’t question the behavior of a beautiful woman, especially your wife, or you’ll end up alone again. (I think that’s supposed to be the lesson…?)

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Learn more about this folklore tale and other versions of it at Hyakumonogatari.
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13 thoughts on “The Icicle Woman of Japan #AtoZChallenge

  1. Ouch that was a painful ending. o.o Although the concept of an icicle woman is really interesting. Might have to write my own story with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed, it was. *sniffle* Very few folktales have a good ending, I find. But I do like the icicle woman concept. Yes, you could come up with a cool story with it! (cool, ice, pun, haha, okay I’m lame)
      Thank you for reading, Victoria! I’m glad you stopped by. 🙂

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  2. “This is why you don’t question the behavior of a beautiful woman, especially your wife, or you’ll end up alone again. (I think that’s supposed to be the lesson…?)”

    Actually, the lesson I was thinking of was, “Be careful what you wish for…” But, yeah. Japanese mythology has a lot of sad or “unhappy ending” stories, and this definitely falls into that category.

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  3. Aw that’s sad. 😦 It’s also kinda sweet that she tried a bath anyway just to make her husband happy. Poor thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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