Busy with my current WIP V.Chronicles, and the #atozchallenge (my theme is myths and legendary creatures!) I decided to take another break this week and try something new. Btw, did you see the news post that I finished Draft #3? 😀

Me and Natasha Roxby decided to change things up this #BlogBattle week and try our skills with a waka poem, which is the Japanese long poem: a pattern of 5-7-5-7-5…etc syllables every other line. I suggested our theme be “spring,” since it’s April. Even though it began snowing as I wrote it… :/ So here we go!

snow, spring, cherry blossoms, pink, Japan, snow covered flowers, white, winter, cold, poem, waka,


Clouds loomed over the warm field,
Over her warm heart,
Casting shadows over its
Spring cherry blossoms,
Threatening to drown them and
Her under eager
Winter snow, eating away
Soft petals, her heart,
Eager to take away what
Brief happiness lit
Her ashen soul, ashen field.

Clouds churn, snowflakes fall
Silent white death in the trees.
Bruise, melt, wilt, crumple
Eradicating spring’s life,
Her sole light and joy.

Fight back, fight back, fight back, fight!

She stands, refuses
To give in and wither up,
Reaching for the last
Bud, her hands sheltering it:
The bit of hope she
Has left keeping it warm, safe.

The angry clouds pass
Devastation in their wake
Flowers gone, ruined,
Spring’s warmth and new life buried.
All but for one bud.

Her hands open, the bud breathes,
Stray light tickles its
Petals with remaining hope,
And the bud slowly
Tenderly unfurls itself
To her ashen world,
Bringing color, bringing life,
Thawing out frost hearts.
Once more spring will be reborn
The clouds in her life
Chased away with renewed hope.

© copyright 2015 E. E. Rawls and Rawls E. Fantasy, All Rights Reserved

Madnes Solver will be back. 😉 Are you caught up on all the chapters?

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This is my entry for this week’s #BlogBattle challenge by the wonderful author Rachael Ritchey, where the challenge is to write a short story based on that week’s chosen word. This week’s word was: “Indiscriminate.” Check out the link, read other great stories there, and VOTE for your favorite 3 to win.

16 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. so it’s like really long haiku lol
    counting syllables makes my head hurt I can barely manage a 5-7-5 and that’s it

    oh lovely writing by the way *one man standing ovation*


    Liked by 1 person

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